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ESMA70-151-887 CSDR List of relevant authorities - Article 12 Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 350.83 KB
ESMA74-2134169708-6797 Final Report on the Manual on post-trade transparency Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 732.45 KB
2016-1523annex9.11 FIRDS transparency reporting instructions Annex 9.11 - update Reference DOWNLOAD 61.03 KB
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ESMA22-1669215091-5312 Summary of Conclusions SMSG - 17 April 2023 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 279.78 KB
ESMA35-335435667-4321 2022 Report on MiFID II sanctions Investor protection Final Report DOWNLOAD 428.45 KB
ESMA71-545613100-2341 Froukelien Wendt's Speech at FIA, 29 June 2023 CCP, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 67.97 KB
ESMA24-450544452-1809 ESMA Opinion on 2021 Discharge Report About ESMA, Board of Supervisors Opinion DOWNLOAD 121.36 KB
ESMA35-43-2725 Public Statement on 2022 CSA and MSE Investor protection Statement DOWNLOAD 161 KB
ESMA Newsletter Newsletter June 2023 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 4.4 MB
ESMA34-45-1814 Report on Marketing requirements and marketing communications under the Regulation on cross-border distribution of funds Fund Management Report DOWNLOAD 1.34 MB
ESMA31-62-1193 List of prospectus thresholds Issuer disclosure, Prospectus Reference DOWNLOAD 354.24 KB
ESMA41-140-79 Technical standards About ESMA, Guidelines and Technical standards Reference DOWNLOAD 188.23 KB
ESMA70-156-6509 Final Report on Intra-day Volatility Management Mechanism Risk monitoring, Trading Report DOWNLOAD 661 KB
ESMA24-450544452-1826 Verena Ross' ECON Opening Statement, 29 June 2023 - Retail Investment Strategy Fund Management, Investor protection, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 143.16 KB
ESMA24-225943895-200 Verena Ross' speech at the FESE convention, 28 June 2023 Digital Finance and Innovation, Investor protection, Market data, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 97.9 KB
ESMA30-1668416927-2483 Verena Ross' speech at Investering Denmark, 27 April 2023 Speeches, Sustainable finance Speech DOWNLOAD 150.17 KB
ESMA02-590278794-3485 ESMA Final Accounts Financial Year 2022 About ESMA, Board of Supervisors, Management Board Reference DOWNLOAD 718.71 KB
ESMA22-1669215091-5305 Summary of conclusions Board of Supervisors - 17 May 2023 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 609.86 KB
ESMA22-1669215091-5308 Summary of conclusions Management Board - 16 May 2023 Management Board Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 443.39 KB
ESMA22-1669215091-5265 Board of Supervisors Rules of Procedure Board of Supervisors Reference DOWNLOAD 325.53 KB