Strategy and Work Programme

The Strategy guides ESMA in its mission to enhance investor protection, promote orderly financial markets and safeguard financial stability.

ESMA produces an annual work programme specifying the activities and tasks of the Authority for the upcoming year, based on an adopted multi-annual work programme. ESMA’s annual work programme contains the operational sub-activities’ objectives, priorities and deliverables linked to the strategic priorities of the Authority.

ESMA Strategy 2023-2028 provides strategic orientation to ESMA activities.
In this period, ESMA will focus on strengthening supervision,
enhancing the protection of retail investors, fostering effective markets and
financial stability, enabling sustainable finance, as well as facilitating
technological innovation and effective use of data. These strategic priorities and
thematic drivers will be translated on annual basis to the Annual Work Programme
that details the activities and tasks of ESMA for each upcoming year.

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ESMA Strategy 2023 - 2028
ESMA Strategy 2023 - 2028

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The work programme describes objectives and outputs for each of ESMA’s strategic priorities and thematic drivers
and for each of the sectors within ESMA’s remit. Outputs are divided into three categories:
(i) ongoing work; (ii) annual outputs; and (iii) 2024 specific outputs, which are known at this stage.


2024 Work Programme

ESMA Work programme 2024