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23/07/2018 ESMA65-11-1197 DVCAP XML Schema 1.1.0 Reference ZIP
10.67 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA65-11-1194 FIRDS Reference Data XML Schema 1.1.0 Reference ZIP
44.43 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA65-11-1192 FIRDS Transparency XML Schema 1.1.0 Reference ZIP
22.82 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA34-32-352 Q&A on the Application of the AIFMD Q&A PDF
782.24 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA22-106-1043 Summary of Conclusions Board of Supervisors meeting 23-24 May 2018 Summary of Conclusions PDF
358.77 KB
23/07/2018 Market makers - pdf Market makers and authorised primary dealers who are using the exemption under the SSR- PDF Reference PDF
731.29 KB
23/07/2018 Market makers - XLS Market makers and authorised primary dealers who are using the exemption under the SSR- XLS Reference XLSX
47.83 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA34-43-392 Q&A on the application of the UCITS Directive Q&A PDF
836.34 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA71-99-1017 CRA fine- ESMA fines five banks , Press Release PDF
223.54 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA41-137-1144 Danske- PUBLIC NOTICE Reference PDF
81.01 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA41-137-1146 SEB- PUBLIC NOTICE Reference PDF
81.76 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA41-137-1148 Handelsbanken- PUBLIC NOTICE Reference PDF
81.98 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA41-137-1149 Nordea- PUBLIC NOTICE Reference PDF
80.89 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA41-137-1151 Swedbank- PUBLIC NOTICE Reference PDF
81.91 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA41-137-1145 BoS decision-CRA 2-2017- Danske Decision PDF
635.85 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA41-137-1147 BoS decision-CRA 2-2017- Handelsbanken Decision PDF
666.21 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA41-137-1150 BoS decision-CRA 2-2017- Nordea Decision PDF
668.52 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA41-137-1152 BoS decision-CRA 2-2017- Swedbank Decision PDF
667.75 KB
23/07/2018 ESMA41-137-1153 BoS decision- CRA 2-2017- SEB Decision PDF
661.74 KB
20/07/2018 ESMA34-49-128 Letter to EC VP Dombrovskis Share Cancellation MMF Letter PDF
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