Risk Monitoring

Risk assessment focuses on important market risks that could harm ESMA’s objectives of investor protection, orderly markets and financial stability.

TRV 2, 22, Risk DashboardESMA monitors and assesses developments in the area of its competence and, where necessary, informs the European Parliament, the Council, the Commission, the other European Supervisory Authorities and the ESRB on a regular and, as necessary, on an ad hoc basis. ESMA continuously strengthens its capabilities to identify and assess risks to investors, orderly markets and financial stability in the EU.

ESMA’s risk assessments and risk monitoring are published in a series of reports such as ESMA’s Trends, Risks and Vulnerabilities report, the Risk Dashboard and the ESMA Statistical Report series.


Trends, Risks and Vulnerabilities

Twice a year, ESMA produces the Trends, Risks and Vulnerabilities report – Risk Monitor (TRV Risk Monitor report) highlighting market developments, identifying market trends and comparing them over time and across markets. The Risk part is an analysis based on ESRB/ESA categories.

The TRV Statistical Annex provides an extensive and up-to-date charts and tables with key data on the markets under ESMA’s remit.

The TRV Structural Market Indicators (SMI) provide structural indicators on securities, markets, market participants and infrastructures for the EEA, EU and by Member State. The TRV SMI shows data from registers maintained by ESMA, based on information submitted by National Competent Authorities or market participants.

ESMA also takes part in the production of the ESA Joint Committee’s Report on Risks and Vulnerabilities in the EU Financial System which focuses mainly on cross-sectoral risks.

TRV Structural Market Indicators
  • TRV Structural Market Indicators (PDF | XLSX)

Risk Dashboard

This previous independent publication is discontinued since 2021.


ESMA Market Reports

ESMA's Market Reports

ESMA's risk assessment draws on data and statistics sourced and managed through an integrated approach, ensuring high quality, efficient management and effective use. This is particularly the case for the proprietary data that ESMA collects. As part of this integrated approach we have established a Market Reports series. These reports complement ESMA’s ongoing market monitoring through the TRV report and the Risk Dashboard.

In its Markets Reports series, ESMA currently covers:

  • EU derivatives markets, based on EMIR data,
  • EU securities markets, based on MiFID II/MiFIR data,
  • EU alternative investment funds, drawing on AIFMD data, and
  • Cost and past performance of long-term retail investment products (UCITS, retail AIFs and structured retail products).
EU derivatives markets
Alternative investment funds
Performance and cost of retail investment products
Securities Markets