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30/01/2019 ESMA22-105-661 Agenda for open hearing on sustainable finance Reference PDF
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30/01/2019 ESMA71-99-1095 New IMSC Chair , Statement PDF
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30/01/2019 ESMA70-145-114 Q&A on the Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) , Q&A PDF
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25/01/2019 ESMA70-708036281-159 Competent Authorities Responsible for the Authorisation and Supervision of Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) Reference PDF
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25/01/2019 ESMA70-708036281-158 Designated Authorities to notify opening of insolvency proceedings Reference PDF
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25/01/2019 ESMA70-708036281-86 Designated Payment and Securities Settlement Systems Reference PDF
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25/01/2019 ESMA70-152-388 List of applicants CCPs Reference PDF
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24/01/2019 ESMA50-164-770 Links to national websites where net short positions in shares are disclosed Reference PDF
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23/01/2019 ESMA70-155-1124 Opinion on position limits on Dutch Power Physical Peak contracts Opinion PDF
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23/01/2019 ESMA70-155-1118 Opinion on position limits on Dutch Power Physical Base contracts Opinion PDF
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23/01/2019 ESMA70-155-5267 Opinion on position limits on Powernext TTF gas contracts Opinion PDF
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23/01/2019 ESMA70-155-3417 Opinion on position limits on ICE Endex TTF gas contracts Opinion PDF
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23/01/2019 ESMA70-155-5284 Opinion on position limits on Panamax freight contracts Opinion PDF
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23/01/2019 ESMA70-155-5088 OPINION on position limits on ICE Low Sulphur Gasoil contracts Opinion PDF
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23/01/2019 ESMA42-646012687-331 ESMA Guidelines , Reference PDF
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22/01/2019 ESMA22-106-1604 Summary of Conclusions Management Board meeting 17 December 2018 Summary of Conclusions PDF
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16/01/2019 ESMA70-145-1184 Report Application Accepted Market Practices , Report PDF
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11/01/2019 ESMA33-128-577 Statement on Securitisation implementation Statement PDF
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10/01/2019 ESMA22-106-1393 Summary of Conclusions Board of Supervisors meeting 7 November 2018 Summary of Conclusions PDF
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10/01/2019 ESMA71-99-1081 Press release- ESMA report finds investment product performance highly impacted by charges , Annual Report PDF
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