Interactive Single Rulebook

The Interactive Single Rulebook is an on-line tool that aims at providing a comprehensive overview of and easy access to all level 2 and level 3 measures adopted in relation to a given level 1 text. The purpose of the Interactive Single Rulebook is to facilitate the consistent application of the EU single rulebook in the securities markets area. ESMA’s objective is to provide an interactive version for each key level 1 text under ESMA’s remit over time.

To use the tool, please click on the relevant tags, which signal the existence of Implementing (“IA”) or Delegated Acts (“DA”) adopted by the European Commission (including Technical Standards developed by ESMA and endorsed by the European Commission: “RTS” or “ITS”), as well as Guidelines (“GL”), Opinions (“OP”) and Q&As (“Q&As”) issued by ESMA.

The Interactive Single Rulebook is meant purely as a documentation tool and ESMA does not assume any liability for its content. For the authentic version of EU legislation users should refer to the Official Journal of the European Union.