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13/10/2010 10-1169 Press release- CESR completes its review of MiFID by issuing advice on OTC derivatives trading, post-trade transparency standards and client categorisation Press Release PDF
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23/09/2010 10-1150 Press release- CESR review identifies improvements in financial information throughout Europe in 2009 Press Release PDF
167.55 KB
22/09/2010 3L3 22-09-10 PR Press release- 3L3 Committees welcome European Parliament landmark vote to reform financial supervision in Europe Press Release PDF
88.59 KB
15/09/2010 10-1128 CESR Chair Tavares welcomes the two new proposals by the Commission for the regulation of derivatives markets and short selling Press Release PDF
106.29 KB
02/08/2010 10-943 Press Release- CESR announces next steps on European access to financial information disclosed by listed companies Press Release PDF
141.69 KB
29/07/2010 10-926 Press release- CESR proposes changes to MiFID to improve securities markets’ functioning, transparency and investor protection Press Release PDF
321.73 KB
29/07/2010 10-948 Press release- CESR publishes its report on trends, risks and vulnerabilities in financial markets Press Release PDF
119.46 KB
28/07/2010 10-903 Press release- CESR sets out final guidelines on risk measurement and the calculation of global exposure and counterparty risk for UCITS Press Release PDF
80.28 KB
16/07/2010 10-901 CESR Members elect the Chair and Vice Chair of CESR to lead the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR) Press Release PDF
136.04 KB
25/05/2010 10-633 Press release- CESR intensifies co-ordination in the light of recent market volatility in euro denominated debt instruments Press Release PDF
96.81 KB
19/05/2010 10-575 Press release- CESR sets out harmonised definition of European money market funds Press Release PDF
94.89 KB
07/05/2010 10-594 Press release- CESR to take a coordinated effort to respond to the recent market turmoil Press Release PDF
95.96 KB
13/04/2010 10-423 Press release- CESR begins the process to overhaul MiFID by consulting on policy options Press Release PDF
212.69 KB
06/04/2010 10-262 Press release: Market Abuse Directive – CESR reviews options and discretions Press Release PDF
159.27 KB
02/03/2010 10-298 Press release- CESR recommends the European Institutions introduce a pan-European short selling disclosure regime Press Release PDF
140.96 KB
29/01/2010 10-016 Press Release: CESR reviews the application of guidelines to simplify the notification procedures of UCITS across Europe Press Release PDF
143.73 KB
19/01/2010 10-034 CESR introduces new working structures to increase efficiency and to prepare for a smooth transition to ESMA Press Release PDF
185.06 KB
07/12/2009 09-1196 Press Release- CESR gathers international supervisors to discuss worldwide enforcement of IFRS Press Release PDF
172.54 KB
02/11/2009 09-1037 Press release- CESR analysis sees room for better compliance with IFRS disclosures Press Release PDF
157.83 KB
28/10/2009 09-1010 Press release- CESR proposes requirements for management company passport and improved investor disclosures for UCITS Press Release PDF
162.61 KB