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ESMA: interacting with you as a stakeholder

16 January 2017

As an open and transparent EU Authority, and in order to successfully achieve its mission, ESMA welcomes and encourages you to make your views and opinions known.

We are committed to consulting with stakeholders to ensure that ESMA produces well informed decisions and proposals which take into consideration their interests.  All stakeholders have knowledge, experience and views which can contribute to ESMA’s work, and we aim to draw on this resource.

Stakeholders also proactively engage with ESMA seeking its involvement in one to one meetings, contributions to seminars, conferences appearances and assistance with questions on the application of policy and rules. In order to facilitate this aspect of our dialogue with stakeholders, a number of tools have been put in place, detailed below:

Providing your input

  • Consultations and open hearings: ESMA consults on all technical standards, technical advice and guidelines, and may consult on other pieces of work when necessary.  All interested parties are welcome to respond to these consultations or attend open hearings at our premises.  The dates are announced on the ESMA website and publicised via social media;
  • ESMA runs a number of consultative groups made up of market participants who provide advice at early stages of the development of proposals or decisions. A general Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group advising the Board of Supervisors is complemented by area specific Consultative Working Groups advising the standing committees. In addition, ESMA will organise round tables with market participants when needed;

Contacting ESMA

  • ESMA has a general email address:, where queries regarding ESMA’s work can be sent;
  • In case of complaints about a supervised entity, a competent authority or to report an infringement, ESMA makes available a number of contacts;
  • ESMA publishes information and contact details of particular relevance to retail investors in the Investors corner

See who ESMA is meeting

  • The Chair and Executive Director publish their calendars, listing all external meetings and speaking engagements;
  • ESMA meets regularly with market participants and their representatives, and makes available, on a quarterly basis, the list and topics of all meetings;

Staying up to date

  • To ensure that interested parties are informed about key publications, the ESMA website provides a subscription service.  We also make available an RSS feed, and can be followed on Twitter or LinkedIn;
  • ESMA also publishes a monthly forward looking calendar with details of speaking appearances by ESMA staff, events and publications;

Speaking appearances

  • ESMA staff regularly speak at events organised in Europe and beyond. To submit a request for an ESMA speaker, please use the form available on our website.