Discussion Paper - The Clearing Obligation under EMIR

Discussion Paper - The Clearing Obligation under EMIR

from 12 July 2013 to 16 September 2013


This template is made available to stakeholders who wish to respond to ESMA’s Discussion Paper on the Clearing Obligation under EMIR, reference ESMA/2013/925.
ESMA would like stakeholders to use the template in order to facilitate the analysis of the responses to this consultation. However, ESMA will consider all answers irrespective of the format under which they are submitted.

2013/925 Discussion Paper — The Clearing Obligation under EMIR
2013/926 Template for the responses



Document available for this Consultation
12/07/20132013/925The Clearing Obligation under EMIR


Activity Institution Download
Investment Company Institute
Investment Company Institute
London Metal Exchange
Fidelity Worldwide Investment
Italian Banking Association, ABI
Eurex Clearing AG
EACH - European Association of CCP Clearing Houses
Fidelity Worldwide Investment
Asset Management Union Asset Management Holding AG
Asset Management Citadel LLC
Asset Management AFG
Asset Management Investment Management Association
Asset Management Amundi
Asset Management BVI
Asset Management EFAMA
Asset Management Investment Management Association
Asset Management Natixis Asset Management
Banking GFMA - GFXD
Banking Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.
Banking Deutsche Bank
Banking Finance Norway
Banking Luxembourg Bankers' Association, the ABBL
Banking European Banking Federation (EBF)
Banking European Association of Cooperative Banks
Banking French Banking Federation (FBF)
Banking DACSI
Banking UBS AG
Banking Die Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (German Banking Industry Committee)
Banking DNB Bank ASA
Insurance and Pension Insight Investment
Insurance and Pension Association of British Insurers
Insurance and Pension Insurance Europe
Investment Services Federation of Finnish Financial Services
Investment Services ASSOSIM
Investment Services State Street Corporation
Legal and Accountancy Brunswick Q-Alpha Chambers
Legal and Accountancy Brunswick Q-Alpha Chambers
Others ISDA and BBA
Others European Covered Bond Council
Others Commodity Markets Council Europe
Others LCH.Clearnet
Others KDPW_CCP S.A.
Others European Federation of Energy Traders
Others CLS Bank International
Insurance, pension & asset management AIMA and MFA
Insurance, pension & asset management GDV (German Insurance Association)
Insurance, pension & asset management ALFI, Luxembourg
Insurance, pension & asset management Allianz SE
Insurance, pension & asset management National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF)
Regulated markets, exchanges & trading systems ICAP plc