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Update on BENCH registers from 3 January 2018

19 December 2017

The European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) will publish a register of administrators and third country benchmarks, in accordance with Article 36 of the Benchmarks Regulation. ESMA will start publishing this list of Administrators and third country benchmarks as of 3 January 2018 (ESMA’s first working day of 2018).

ESMA is currently working on a new release of  this register. Therefore, until the new register release is fully available as an IT functionality on our website, ESMA will provide an interim solution which involves it publishing, on a daily basis (ESMA working days), the latest registers information in  csv format  (list of benchmarks attributes) which will be available for download. 

The list will be published starting from 3 January 2018 and until Q3 2018 when the register interface will be available.

The following files will be made available on a daily basis in csv format: 

  • Administrators file
  • Third countries benchmarks