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ESMA warns against unauthorised use of its identity and logo

13 September 2017

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has been informed that its identity and logo have been used by individuals in scam emails targeting investors. These individuals attempted to steal personal data and convince the potential victims to transfer money to them, for example by fraudulently presenting themselves as employees of ESMA conducting ESMA investigations.

In particular, attempts were made to use the name of members of ESMA staff in fraudulent emails targeting investors who had already previously lost money to scam companies and who were thus trying to recover their money.

Please note that all references to ESMA or its employees in these communications, which do not originate from ESMA, are entirely false and have been made without ESMA’s knowledge or consent.

In order to protect yourself against these unauthorised communications, ESMA advises you:

-        To check whether the e-mail received is genuine;

-        To inform your superior in case of suspicious e-mails;

-        To contact ESMA if any suspicion arises; and

-        To contact the police.

Be aware that fraudsters might use ESMA’s name, logo or the name of an ESMA staff member, a bogus website which appears to be that of ESMA, and/or make bogus references to people said to work in ESMA. Be aware of the following when making your checks:

-        ESMA is a European Supervisory Authority established by a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council;

-        ESMA is based in Paris, France and has no affiliates or branch offices elsewhere;

-        ESMA’s emails end with the address; and

-        ESMA’s telephone number begins with the prefix +33 for France, no other prefix is valid.