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ESMA calls for market data experts to join stakeholder panel

09 February 2016

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued a call for candidates regarding its consultative working group (CWG), a panel made up of 20 market data experts, working on market data issues.


The CWG role mainly consists in:

  • advising and assisting ESMA’s Market Data Standing Committee (MDSC) on technical standards, guidelines and recommendations in relation to relevant legislative provisions within the area of competence of the MDSC; and
  • advising and assisting the MDSC in assessing the potential impact of proposed technical standards, guidelines and recommendations.


The MDSC contributes to ESMA’s work on issues related to market data reporting of derivative contracts, positions, transactions in financial instruments (including securities financing), order data record keeping, clock synchronisation and financial instruments reference data.

In terms of policy, it has the responsibility for elaborating advice to the European Commission as well as technical standards, guidelines and recommendations relating to the common standards, formats and identifiers for the information to be reported or disclosed by market participants under EMIR, MiFID II, MAR and SFTR requirements. In particular, it is responsible for ESMA work on the development of a single approach aligning, to the maximum extent, reporting requirements under EMIR, MiFID, SFTR and avoiding double reporting.


ESMA is receiving applications until 7 March 2016. Please send the attached application form to the following email address: The CWG’s term will last two years.