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Ares(2022)2937873 Mandate to ESAs on PAI product Joint Committee, Sustainable finance Reference DOWNLOAD 224.93 KB
Ares(2022)2798608 Mandate to the ESAs to develop SFDR RTS on product exposures to gas and nuclear activities Joint Committee, Sustainable finance Reference DOWNLOAD 204.17 KB
Newsletter ESMA Newsletter April 2022 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 11.82 MB
ESMA22-106-4032 SMSG advice to the ESMA Consultation Paper on Guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID II suitability requirements Investor protection, Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 274.55 KB
ESMA34-49-446 Guidelines on stress test scenarios under the MMF Regulation - 2021 update Fund Management, Guidelines and Technical standards Guidelines & Recommendations DOWNLOAD 619.42 KB
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JC 2022 20 Call for advice on PRIIPs: ESA advice on the review of the PRIIPs Regulation Fund Management, Joint Committee Report DOWNLOAD 3.38 MB
ESMA82-402-859 Response form for the Joint Consultation Paper concerning sustainable disclosures for STS securitisations Securitisation Reference DOWNLOAD 504.18 KB
JC 2022 22 Joint Consultation on sustainability disclosures for STS securitisation Securitisation Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 659.3 KB
ESMA70-449-501 Opinion ITS insider lists Market Integrity, Investor protection, Trading, Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 1.76 MB
ESMA70-449-497 Opinion RTS liquidity contracts for SME Growth Market issuers Market Integrity, Investor protection, Trading, Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 849.59 KB
ESMA71-99-1935 ESMA makes recommendations to improve investor protection Investor protection, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 161.86 KB
ESMA35-42-1227 Technical Advice on retail investor protection Investor protection Final Report DOWNLOAD 646.19 KB
ESMA22-106-4024 SMSG Recommendations in regard of the impact of inflation on investor protection Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 301.69 KB
ESMA71-100-2417 ESMA's BUL Powers Reference DOWNLOAD 2.32 MB
ESMA80-187-945 Verena Ross' speech at ECMI/CEPS Webinar, 20 April 2022 Credit Rating Agencies, Trade Repositories, Transparency Speech DOWNLOAD 178.1 KB
ESMA65-8-9568 FIRDS Reference Data Functional Specifications v2.10 Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 2.88 MB
ESMA 65-8-9654 FIRDS Reference Data XML Schema v1.2.1 Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 45.67 KB
ESMA35-43-3112 Letter to the EC on the MiFID II suitability consultation Investor protection Letter DOWNLOAD 177.03 KB
JC 2022 01 Joint Committee Annual Report 2021 Joint Committee Annual Report DOWNLOAD 217.87 KB
PROC/2021/14 Open procurement procedure – ADMS – DEADLINE 26/06/2022 – 23:59 Procurement ONGOING Procedure DOWNLOAD 104.91 KB