AIFMD reporting IT technical guidance (rev 4) [updated]

The IT technical guidance (2013/1358) contains the following set of documents:

IT technical guidance in which is included the description of changes performed on the technical guidance and/or XSD documents in sheet “change history.
XML samples for AIFM and AIF reports
Excel version of Annex III – “Table of geographical areas”
Previous version of XSD documents (Version 1.1)

The current IT technical guidance revision 4 contains modifications on the IT technical guidance to take into account the last published version of Questions and Answers (Q&A) on the application of the AIFMD (2014/868) as well as some clarifications and correction of inconsistencies with XSD documents.
Questions regarding technical support should be sent to[at]
Each AIFM should contact directly the national competent authorities to know how the filling of the XML reports will be handled at national level.

Fund Management
ESMA document