CRA Authorisation

The credit rating agencies listed below have been registered or certified in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1060/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 September 2009 on credit rating agencies (the Credit Rating Agencies Regulation).

The list is published by ESMA in accordance with Article 18(3) of the Credit Rating Agencies Regulation and is updated within five working days of adoption of a registration or certification decision. The European Commission republishes the list in the Official Journal of the European Union within 30 days of any update. There may therefore be differences between the list published by ESMA and the list available in the Official Journal during that period.


List of registered or certified CRAs

Last updated: 27 March 2023

Name of CRA Country of residence Status Effective date   Legal entity identifier
Japan Credit Rating Agency Ltd Japan Certified 6 January 2011 35380002378CEGMRVW86
BCRA-Credit Rating Agency AD Bulgaria Registered 6 April 2011 747800Z0IC3P66HTQ142
Creditreform Rating AG Germany Registered 18 May 2011 391200PHL11KDUTTST66
Scope Ratings GmbH (previously Scope Ratings AG and PSR Rating GmbH) Germany Registered 24 May 2011 391200WU1EZUQFHDWE91
ICAP CRIF S.A. (previously ICAP S.A.) Greece Registered 7 July 2011 2138008U6LKT8VG2UK85
GBB-Rating Gesellschaft für Bonitätsbeurteilung GmbH Germany Registered 28 July 2011 391200OLWXCTKPADVV72

Assekuranz Rating-Agentur GmbH
Germany Registered 18 August 2011 529900977LETWLJF3295
ARC Ratings, S.A. (previously Companhia Portuguesa de Rating, S.A) Portugal Registered 26 August 2011 213800OZNJQMV6UA7D79
Fitch Ratings Ireland Limited*** Ireland Registered 31 October 2011 213800BTXUQP1JZRO283
Moody’s Investors Service Cyprus Ltd Cyprus Registered 31 October 2011 549300V4LCOYCMNUVR81
Moody’s France S.A.S. France Registered 31 October 2011 549300EB2XQYRSE54F02
Moody’s Deutschland GmbH Germany Registered 31 October 2011 549300M5JMGHVTWYZH47
Moody’s Italia S.r.l. Italy Registered 31 October 2011 549300GMXJ4QK70UOU68
Moody’s Investors Service España S.A. Spain Registered 31 October 2011 5493005X59ILY4BGJK90
S&P Global Ratings Europe Limited* Ireland Registered 31 October 2011 5493008B2TU3S6QE1E12
CRIF Ratings S.r.l. (previously CRIF S.p.a.) Italy Registered 22 December 2011 8156001AB6A1D740F237
Capital Intelligence Ratings Ltd Cyprus Registered 8 May 2012 549300RE88OJP9J24Z18
EthiFinance Ratings, S.L. (previously Axesor Risk Management, S.L.) Spain Registered 1 October 2012 959800EC2RH76JYS3844
Cerved Rating Agency S.p.A. (previously CERVED Group S.p.A. ) Italy Registered 20 December 2012 8156004AB6C992A99368
EuroRating Sp. z o.o. Poland Registered 7 May 2014 25940027QWS5GMO74O03
HR Ratings de México, S.A. de C.V. (HR Ratings) Mexico Certified 7 November 2014 549300IFL3XJKTRHZ480
Egan-Jones Ratings Co. (EJR) USA Certified 12 December 2014 54930016113PD33V1H31
modeFinance S.r.l. Italy Registered 10 July 2015 815600B85A94A0122614
Kroll Bond Rating Agency Europe Limited Ireland Registered 13 November 2017 5493001NGHOLC41ZSK05
Nordic Credit Rating AS ** Norway Registered 3 August 2018 549300MLUDYVRQOOXS22
Moody’s Investors Service (Nordics) AB  Sweden Registered 13 August 2018 549300W79ZVFWJCD2Z23
A.M. Best (EU) Rating Services B.V.  The Netherlands Registered 3 December 2018 549300Z2RUKFKV7GON79
DBRS Ratings GmbH Germany Registered 14 December 2018 54930033N1HPUEY7I370
Inbonis S.A. Spain Registered 27 May 2019 875500OYQK8S5AGGBZ02


* merger of S&P Global Ratings Italy S.r.l on 1 May 2018 (LEI: 54930000NMOJ7ZBUQ063), Standard and Poor's Credit Market Services Europe Limited on 30 June 2018 (LEI: 549300363WVTTH0TW460) and S&P Global Ratings France SAS on 31 July 2018 (LEI: 54930035REY2YCDSBH09).

** Nordic Credit Rating AS was registered by the EFTA Surveillance Authority as a credit rating agency under the Credit Rating Agencies Regulation, as incorporated into the Agreement on the European Economic Area. This decision was adopted by the EFTA Surveillance Authority on the basis of a draft prepared by ESMA.

***merger of Fitch Deutschland GmbH on 30 May 2020 (LEI: 213800JEMOT1H45VN340), Fitch France S.A.S. on 31 May 2020 (LEI: 2138009Y4TCZT6QOJO69), Fitch Polska S.A. on 31 May 2020 (LEI: 213800RYJTJPW2WD5704), Fitch Italia S.p.A. on 31 May 2020 (LEI: 213800POJ9QSCHL3KR31), and Fitch Ratings España S.A.U. on 30 November 2020 (LEI: 213800RENFIIODKETE60).


List of de-registered or de-certified CRAs

Last updated: 27 March 2023

Name of CRA Country of residence Status Effective date   Legal entity identifier
Feri EuroRating Services AG Germany De-registered 29 March 2017 529900CSQE528B8SHP93
SPMW Rating Sp. z o.o.  Poland De-registered 10 October 2018 259400PIF3W6YC660564
S&P Global Ratings Italy S.r.l Italy De-registered 20 December 2018 54930000NMOJ7ZBUQ063
S&P Global Ratings France SAS France De-registered 20 December 2018 54930035REY2YCDSBH09
Moody’s Investors Service EMEA Ltd UK De-registered 2 July 2019 54930009NU3JYS1HTT72
Beyond Ratings SAS France De-registered 5 July 2019 9695006ORIPPZ3QSM810
DG International Ratings SRL (previously Dagong Europe Credit Rating Srl) Italy De-registered 14 November 2019  815600BF4FF53B7C6311
INC Rating Sp. z o.o. Poland De-registered 26 November 2020 259400SUBF5EPOGK0983
Kroll Bond Rating Agency USA De-certified 10 December 2020 549300QYZ5CZYXTNZ676
AM Best Europe-Rating Services Ltd. (AMBERS) UK De-registered 1 January 2021 549300VO8J8E5IQV1T26
DBRS Ratings Limited UK De-registered 1 January 2021 5493008CGCDQLGT3EH93
Fitch Ratings Limited UK De-registered 1 January 2021 2138009F8YAHVC8W3Q52
Fitch Ratings CIS Limited UK De-registered 1 January 2021 213800B7528Q4DIF2G76
Moody’s Investors Service Ltd UK De-registered 1 January 2021 549300SM89WABHDNJ349
The Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd UK De-registered 1 January 2021 213800Q7GRZWF95EWN10
ACRA Europe a.s. (ACRAE) Slovakia De-registered 1 April 2021 097900BFME0000038276
Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH Germany De-registered 20 October 2022 213800P3OOBSGWN2UE81
Qivalio SAS (previously Spread Research) France De-registered 30 January 2023 969500HB6BVM2UJDOC52
Scope Hamburg GmbH (previously Euler Hermes Rating GmbH) Germany De-registered 24 March 2023 391200QXGLWHK9VK6V27