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UCITS Management Companies

UCITS Management Companies

The Omnibus Directive requires ESMA to establish a list all authorisations granted to UCITS management companies in the European Union.

The Registries database centralises all the relevant information in this regard received from the national competent authorities, and contains information on the services or activities for which the UCITS management company is authorised.  The database is updated on a regular basis.

Any national data not available in this consolidated registry, can be accessed via the links below to the national registers of authorised UCITS managment companies. ESMA draws users' attention to the fact that some hyperlinks do not give direct access to the list of UCITS management companies authorised. Also, investors should note that for some competent authorities the information is only available in the national language. 

    Austria (Finanzmarktaufsicht – FMA)

    German link:
    English link:

    Belgium (FSMA)

    Dutch link:
    French link:

    Bulgaria (Financial Supervision Commission)

    Cyprus (Cysec)

    Non applicable

    Czech Republic (Czech National Bank – CNB)

    Czech link:
    English link:

    Denmark (Finanstilsynet)

    Danish link:
    English link:

    Estonia (Estonian Financial Supervision Authority)

    Finland (Finanssivalvonta)

    Finish link:
    Swedish link:
    English link:

    France (Autorité des marchés financiers – AMF)

    Germany (BaFin)

    Greece (Hellenic Capital Market Commission)

    Hungary (Hungarian Financial Supervisory Commission)

    Iceland (Financial Supervisory Authority – Fjármálaeftirlitið)

    Ireland (Central Bank of Ireland)

    Italy (Consob)

    Latvia (Financial and Capital Market Commission)

    Latvian link:
    English link:


    Lithuania (Central Bank of Lithuania)

    Lithuanian link:
    English link:

    Luxembourg (CSSF)

    Malta (Financial Services Authority)

    Netherlands (AFM)

    Dutch link:{883BCFF1-0F26-442F-9FAF-A39FF911B109}&filter1=1
    English link:{883BCFF1-0F26-442F-9FAF-A39FF911B109}&filter1=1

    Norway (Finanstilsynet)

    Norwegian link:
    English link:

    Poland (Polish Financial Supervision Authority)


    Portugal (Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários – CMVM)

    Romania (Romanian National Securities Commission – CNVM)

    Slovak Republic (Central Bank of Slovakia)

    Slovak link:
    English link:

    Slovenia (Securities Market Agency – Agencija za trg vrednostnih papirjev)

    Slovenian link:
    English link:

    Spain (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores - CNMV)

    Sweden (Finansinspektionen)

    Swedish link:'FONDBO'
    English link:

    United Kingdom (Financial Conduct Authority – FCA)