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Double volume cap mechanism

09 January 2020
The double volume cap mechanism (DVCM) (Article 5 of MiFIR) aims to limit the trading under the reference price waiver (Article 4(1)(a) of MiFIR) and the negotiated transaction waiver for liquid instruments (Article 4(1)(b)(i) of MiFIR) in an equity instr ...


31 October 2018
(ii) the completeness shortfall. Since February 2019, these indicators are calculated on the basis ... the completeness ratio and (ii) the completeness shortfall. These indicators are calculated on the basis ...

Data for the systematic internaliser calculations

01 August 2018
According to Article 4(1)(20) of Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID II) investment firms dealing on own ...

MiFIR reporting instructions

23 July 2018
Timeframe 3 January 2018 MiFID II and MiFIR apply within Member States 30 November 2017 Transparency ...

Commodity Derivatives

09 January 2018
MiFID II / MiFIR introduce new regulations for commodity derivatives with a view to ensure that ... ensure consistent implementation across the Union. Ancillary Activity MiFID II establishes a number ... activity market size calculations Position limits and position management controls MiFID II establishes ...

Trading and Venues

13 November 2017
MiFID II and MiFIR will ensure fairer, safer and more efficient markets and facilitate greater ... transparency for all participants.   Markets Transparency Investors MiFID II and MiFIR empowered ESMA ... investment activities are so great that it should be subject to MiFID II; ranges for the new EU-wide ...

Transparency Calculations

03 July 2017
MiFID II / MiFIR introduces transparency requirements for equities, bonds, structured finance ... the FAQ document, please register on the Notification page and choose section MiFID II Transparency ... the FAQ document is updated, please register on the  Notification page and choose section MiFID II ...


15 August 2015
MiFID II/MiFIR will apply from 3 January 2018.   This new legislative framework will strengthen ... commonly referred to as MiFID II and MiFIR, were adopted by the European Parliament and the Council ... of the European Union. They were published in the EU Official Journal on 12 June 2014. MiFID II improvements MiFID ...