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Webinar : New update on use of LEI now available

11 March 2019
under other sectoral legislation such as EMIR and SFTR. Further information on the LEI is available in ...

ESMA Newsletter - Nº2

04 March 2019
the no-deal Brexit scenario. 4 February ESMA UPDATES Q&A ON EMIR DATA REPORTING ESMA has issued today ... (EMIR). 4 February  ESMA UPDATES Q&A ON MIFIR DATA REPORTING ESMA has issued today an update of its ... Regulation (EMIR), should be handled in the event of the United Kingdom (UK) leaving the European Union (EU) ...

ESMA withdraws the registration of Bloomberg Trade Repository Ltd

01 March 2019
registration under the conditions set out under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR ... ). EMIR provides that ESMA shall withdraw the registration of a TR where the TR expressly renounces its ... registration. The withdrawal becomes effective by 1 March 2019. Background EMIR was introduced to improve ...

ESMA registers DTCC Data Repository (Ireland) PLC as trade repository

01 March 2019
the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), with effect from 1 March 2019.  DTCC Data Repository ... reporting obligations under EMIR. To be registered as a TR, a company must be able to demonstrate to ESMA ... that it can comply with the requirements of EMIR, including, most importantly, on: operational ...

List of registered trade repositories

01 March 2019
Article 59(3) of EMIR and it is updated within five working days following the adoption of a registration ...

ESMA to recognise three UK CCPs in the event of a no-deal Brexit

18 February 2019
authorities in accordance with EMIR, ESMA considers that the conditions for recognition under Article 25 ... of EMIR are met by the three CCPs in case of a no-deal Brexit. Therefore, it has adopted decisions ... to recognise the three CCPs as third country CCPs under EMIR. The recognition decisions would take effect on ...

ESMA publishes its 2019 Risk Assessment Work Programme

07 February 2019
under its AIFMD, MiFID and EMIR mandates and others becomes available, ESMA is – in cooperation with ... series. This will cover: o   EU derivatives markets (EMIR data); o   EU alternative investment funds ...

ESMA agrees no-deal Brexit MOUs with the Bank of England for recognition of UK CCPs and the UK CSD

04 February 2019
CSD in a timely manner, where the four recognition conditions under Article 25 of EMIR, and the four ...

Q&A on EMIR implementation

04 February 2019
esma70-1861941480-52_qa_on_emir_implementation.pdf Style ESMA document ...

ESMA updates Q&A on EMIR data reporting

04 February 2019
of its Q&A on practical questions regarding the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR ... should take for reporting the field “Confirmation Means”. Following the amendment of the EMIR Reporting ... common supervisory approaches and practices in the application of EMIR. It provides responses ...

ESMA Newsletter - Nº1

01 February 2019
the United Kingdom (UK CCPs) as Third Country CCPs (TC-CCPs) under Regulation (EU) No 648/2012 (EMIR) for ... Regulation (CRAR). 18 December ESAS PUBLISH JOINT EMIR STS STANDARDS The European Supervisory Authorities ...

ESMA clarifies the reporting and handling of derivatives data in case of no-deal Brexit

01 February 2019
statement on how derivatives data reported under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR ... a withdrawal agreement, the no-deal Brexit scenario.  EMIR mandates the reporting of all derivatives to ESMA ... contracts. EMIR requires both counterparties to a derivative contract to report its details to TRs. However, ...

ESMA statement on issues affecting reporting, recordkeeping, reconciliation, data access, portability and aggregation of derivatives under Article 9 EMIR in the case of UK withdrawal from the EU without a transitional agreement

01 February 2019
esma70-151-1997_statement_brexit_emir_data.pdf Style ESMA document ...


31 January 2019
recognition conditions under Article 25 of the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) are ... the EU, all derivatives subject to the reporting obligation under EMIR must be reported to a registered ...

ESMA issues statement to address upcoming EMIR Refit implementation issues

31 January 2019
addressing EMIR Refit implementation. The public statement addresses issues around the clearing and trading ... of the ongoing EMIR Refit negotiations.  Clearing and trading obligations for small financial counterparties ESMA ... contracts. Given that the EMIR Refit negotiations have not been finalised, it is yet not known when ...

List of third-country CCPs recognised to offer services and activities in the Union

08 January 2019
third-country_ccps_recognised_under_emir.pdf Style ESMA document ...

ESMA is ready to review UK CCPs’ and CSDs’ recognition applications for a no-deal Brexit scenario

19 December 2018
No 648/2012 (European Markets Infrastructure Regulation- EMIR) for a no-deal Brexit scenario, where ... recognition conditions under Article 25 of EMIR are met. 1.    The first condition is the adoption ... accordance with Article 25(7) of EMIR. The MoU is in the process of being refined in order to ensure, in ...

ESAs publish joint EMIR STS standards

18 December 2018
required for the proper implementation of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) and will ... Legal basis and background The ESAs developed these two RTS in accordance with Articles 4 and 11 of EMIR ... 648/2012 (EMIR) in order to provide a specific treatment for STS Securitisation within the clearing ...

Peer reviews

14 December 2018
mandatory Peer Reviews in relation to CCPs’ authorisation and supervision under EMIR  developed by ESMA.  ...

Public Register for the Clearing Obligation under EMIR

11 December 2018
public_register_for_the_clearing_obligation_under_emir.pdf Style ESMA document ...