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Brexit – the regulatory challenges

13 February 2019
Brexit Fund Management MiFID- Secondary Markets Post Trading Speeches Supervisory convergence Type Speech ... Main document esma71-319-91_dublin_brexit_speech_13-02-2019.pdf Style ESMA document ...

Use of UK data in ESMA databases in case of a no-deal Brexit

ESMA 70-155-7026
05 February 2019
Reference ESMA 70-155-7026 Section Brexit MiFID- Secondary Markets MiFID II: Transparency ... esma_70-155-7026_use_of_uk_data_in_esma_databases_in_case_of_a_no-deal_brexit.pdf Style ESMA document ...

ESMA agrees no-deal Brexit MOUs with the Bank of England for recognition of UK CCPs and the UK CSD

04 February 2019
Reference ESMA71-99-1107 Section Brexit Post Trading Press Releases Type Press Release Main ... document esma71-99-1107_esma_agrees_no-deal_brexit_mous_with_the_bank_of_england_for ...

ESMA and EU securities regulators MoUs with FCA

01 February 2019
Reference ESMA71-99-1096 Section Board of Supervisors Brexit Credit Rating Agencies Fund ... esma71-99-1096_esma_and_eu_securities_regulators_agree_no-deal_brexit_mous_with_fca.pdf Style ESMA document ...

ESMA statement on issues affecting reporting, recordkeeping, reconciliation, data access, portability and aggregation of derivatives under Article 9 EMIR in the case of UK withdrawal from the EU without a transitional agreement

01 February 2019
esma70-151-1997_statement_brexit_emir_data.pdf Style ESMA document ...

ESMA statement recognition of UK CCPs and CSD in no deal Brexit

19 December 2018
Reference ESMA70-151-2032 Section Brexit Post Trading Type Statement Main document ... esma70-151-2032_esma_statement_recognition_of_uk_ccps_and_csd_in_no_deal_brexit.pdf Style ESMA document ...

Brexit Statement - information to clients

19 December 2018
Reference ESMA35-43-1328 Section Brexit MiFID- Investor Protection Type Statement Main document ... esma35-43-1328_brexit_statement_information_to_clients.pdf Style ESMA document ...

Managing risks of a no-deal Brexit in the area of central clearing

23 November 2018
Reference ESMA70-151-1948 Section Brexit Post Trading Press Releases Type Statement Main document ... esma70-151-1948_managing_risks_of_a_no-deal_brexit_in_the_area_of_central_clearing.pdf Style ESMA document ...

Public statement - Contingency plans of Credit Rating Agencies and Trade Repositories in the context of the United Kingdom withdrawing from the European Union

09 November 2018
Reference ESMA80-187-149 Section Brexit Credit Rating Agencies Trade Repositories Type Statement ... Main document esma80-187-149_public_statement_brexit_cras_trs.pdf Style ESMA document ...

ESMA proposes a regulatory change to support the Brexit preparations of counterparties to uncleared OTC derivatives

08 November 2018
Reference ESMA71-99-1055 Section Brexit Post Trading Press Releases Type Press Release Main ... document esma71-99-1055_esma_proposes_a_regulatory_change_to_support_the_brexit_preparations_of ...

ESMA issues sector-specific principles on relocations from the UK to the EU27

13 July 2017
Reference ESMA71-99-526 Section Brexit Press Releases Supervisory convergence Type Press Release Main ...

ESMA issues principles on supervisory approach to relocations from the UK

31 May 2017
Reference ESMA71-99-469 Section Brexit Press Releases Supervisory convergence Type Press Release Main ...