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Response form for the Consultation Paper on the Amendment to RTS 11 (ESMA70-156-357)

13 July 2018
esma70-156-471_cp_on_amendments_to_rts_11_response_form.docx Style ESMA document ...

Reply Form to ESMA70-156-275

23 January 2018
reply_form_cp_rts1_amendment.docx Style ESMA document ...

Response form - Consultation Paper on draft RTS under the new Prospectus Regulation

ESMA31-62-802 reply form
15 December 2017
response_form_consultation_paper_on_draft_rts_under_prospectus_regulation.docx Style ESMA document ...

FIRDS transparency reporting instructions Annex 9.11

05 September 2017
2016-1523annex9.11_cfi-rts2_field_mapping.xlsx Style ESMA document ...

Validation table for reporting under the revised technical standards

03 April 2017
esma70-145-63_emir_validation_rules_for_revised_rts_its Style ESMA document ...

Reply Form for CP on draft RTS on package orders for which there is a liquid market

2016/1562 REPLY FORM
10 November 2016
Reference 2016/1562 REPLY FORM Section MiFID- Secondary Markets Type Reference Main document 2016-1562_reply_form_dp_package_orders_mifir.docx Style ESMA document ...

Reply Form to CP on Draft RTS and ITS under SFTR and amendments to related EMIR RTS

30 September 2016
2016-1409_reply_form_for_cp_on_draft_rts_and_its_under_sftr_and_amendments_to_related_emir_rts.docx Style ESMA document ...

RTS 22 Annex II National client identifiers for natural persons to be used in transaction reports

01 July 2016
2016-1064_rts_22_annex_ii.pdf.pdf Style ESMA document ...

Reply form DP SFTR

2016/356 Reply form
11 March 2016
2016-356_reply_form_dp_sftr.docx Style ESMA document Related documents Discussion paper- Draft RTS and ITS under SFTR ...

Response form for the Discussion Paper on Review of Article 26 of RTS 153/2013

2015/1295 RP
27 August 2015
2015-1295_response_form_to_dp_on_review_of_article_26_of_rts_153-2013.docx Style ESMA document ...

Response form to CP on the ELTIF Regulation

31 July 2015
document form_to_reply_cp_eltif_rts.docx Style ESMA document ...

Letter from European Commission - Annex with Amended draft RTS on clearing obligation for IRS

EC 18/12/2014 annex
19 December 2014
rts_for_irs_annexe_acte_autonome_nlw_part1_v1_0.pdf Style ESMA document Related documents Letter from European Commission- Amended draft RTS on ...

Opinion on draft regulatory technical standards on types of AIFMs under Article 4(4) of Directive 2011/61/EU

20 August 2013
Type Reference Main document 2013-1119_opinion_on_draft_rts_on_types_of_aifms.pdf Style ESMA document ...