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Travel Agency Services (New deadline for submission: 30/09/2013)

19 August 2013
Tender specifications Invitation letter Annex I Model contract Contract notice 2013/S 158-275078 Annex VII Financial proposal Annex X Questionnaire of professional capacities Annex XI Technical proposal Annex XII Mission Guide (ESMA) Annex XIII Mission Gu ...

Data gathering and impact assessment on implementing measures for the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and Regulation (Deadline for submission: 20/09/2013)

OJ/16/07/2013 – PROC/2013/005
26 July 2013
Deadline for submission 2 September 20 September 2013 at 16:00 local time (Paris 12.00h, GMT + 1) (Updated) Corrigendum 2013/S 152-263733   Invitation letter Annex I Model Contract Contract notice Q&A List 1 Reference OJ/16/07/2013 – PROC/2013/005 Sec ...

Training and e-learning services for ESMA — Deadline 3 June 2013

30 April 2013
  Description of the contract The Authority intends to conclude framework contracts for the provision of: E-learning course catalogue (Lot 1)   And multiply framework contracts with reopening competition for: Development of an E-learning course (Lot 2) Bl ...

IT Infrastructure Hosting, New deadline for submission 11 June 2013 — Opening session: 18 June 2013 15.00 p.m.

OJ/22/03/2013- PROC/2013/003
03 April 2013
This tender is for the provision of a fully managed service providing infrastructure and software up to the middleware level for ESMA’s applications.  Contract notice (updated version) Annex I draft FWC service contract (updated version) Non disclosure ag ...

Tender for Catering Services - deadline 25 March 2013

OJ/05/02/2013 -PROC/2013/001
15 February 2013
Invitation to tender Contract notice Annex I Lot 1 Annex I Lot 2-3 Annex I Lot 4 Annex VII Lot 1 Annex VII Lot 2 Annex VII Lot 3 Annex VII Lot 4 Q&A List 1 Reference OJ/05/02/2013-PROC/2013/001 Section Procurement Type CLOSED Procedure Main document t ...

ICT SYSTEMS SOFTWARE AND FUNCTIONAL MAINTENANCE SERVICES - Updates: new deadline 25/03/2013. More updates in the Tender specifications

08 January 2013
Please check new details in Annex VII of the tender specifications Invitation letter Model contract Contract notice Non-disclosure agreement Annex VIIa Annex VIIa- example Annex X Annex XI Annex XII Annex XIII Q&A 1 Q&A 2 Q&A 3 Q&A 4 Q& ...

Supply and maintenance of a solution for a secure exchange of electronic documents between financial institutions - deadline 12 October 2012

31 August 2012
New deadline for submission: 12/10/2012. Please see the updated timetable below. Model contract Contract notice Invitation to tender Non-disclosure agreement Q&A 1-4 Q&A 5-54 Updated timetable Tender specifications- updated Annex VII Annex C- ESMA ...

Q&A 84-87 regarding tender ESMA registers

QA 84 - 87 OJ/26/06/2012-PROC/2012/004
16 August 2012
Reference QA 84- 87 OJ/26/06/2012-PROC/2012/004 Section Procurement Type Reference Main document qa_84-87.pdf Style ESMA document ...

Q&As for tender for ESMA registers

Q&A 37
07 August 2012
Reference Q&A 37 Section Procurement Type CLOSED Procedure Main document qa_37-62.pdf Style ESMA document ...