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From to 2nd set of Draft Guidance on the Operation of the Market Abuse Directive for public consultation

CESR launches a 2nd set of draft guidance for public consultation on the operation of the Market Abuse Directive. Following the first two years of experience gained under the new market abuse regime, CESR is of the view that this is the right time to provide further guidance to market...

From to 3L3 Medium term work programme

The Level 3 Committees have identified a comprehensive list of cross-sector areas
for delivery in the period to the end of 2010

From to Addendum Consultation Paper on MiFID II/MiFIR

18/02/2015 to 20/03/2015
Who should read this paper?This document will be of interest to all stakeholders involved in the securities markets. It is primarily of interest to competent authorities and firms that are subject to MiFID II and MiFIR – in particular, investment firms and credit...

From to Addendum to the consultation paper on possible implementing measures of the future Prospectus Directive
From to Admission of Financial Instruments to Trading on Regulated Markets - CESR's Draft Technical Advice on Possible Implementing Measures of the Directive 2004/39/EC on Markets in Financial Instruments

The consultation paper covers the following aspects:
-Requirements for financial instruments to be admitted to trading on Regulated Markets; and
-Obligations for Regulated Markets to verify issuers

From to Amendment to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/588 (RTS 11) MiFID - Secondary Markets

Responding to this paper

ESMA invites comments on all matters in this paper and in particular on the specific questions summarised in Annex 1. Comments are most helpful if they:

·         respond to the question stated;

From to Call for Evidence - CESR starts work on EU Commission provisional mandates on the new Investment Services Directive - the Financial Instruments Markets (FIM) Directive

The European Commission published today its first set of provisional mandates requesting CESR's advice on possible technical measures to implement the proposed Financial Instruments Markets Directive (FIM) which will revise the existing Investment Services Directive (ISD). The decision to revise...

From to Call for evidence - Evaluation of the supervisory functioning of the EU market abuse regime

The Market Abuse Directive (2003/6/EC)

From to Call for evidence - Impact of the Best Practice Principles for Providers of Shareholder Voting Research and Analysis Corporate Governance

Responding to this Call for Evidence
ESMA invites comments on all matters in this paper and in particular on the specific questions presented throughout the paper. Comments are most helpful, if they:a.    respond to the question stated;b.    indicate the specific question to which they...

From to Call for evidence - Implementing measures on the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive

This call for evidence seeks stakeholders' input on the provisional mandate from the European Commission regarding CESR's technical advice on the implementing measures on the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive. This input will help CESR and its successor, the European Securities and...

From to Call for evidence - non-equities markets transparency

CESR is inviting all interested parties to submit their views regarding transparency on bond markets. CESR would like to point out that, as indicated by the request, the purpose of CESR work is not to duplicate the work of the Commission. Therefore there is no need to re-submit those responses...

From to Call for evidence - The use of a standard reporting format
From to Call for Evidence Competition, Choice and Conflicts of Interests in the CRA Industry Credit Rating Agencies

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published a call for evidence as part of the development of Technical Advice for the European Commission on the functioning of the credit rating industry and the evolution of the markets for structured finance instruments as required by...

From to Call for evidence on a formal request for technical advice on identification of regulatory arrangements for post-trading infrastructures

This call for evidence aims to identify regulatory arrangements for post-trading infrastructures and to advise on possible solutions in terms of bridging any potential differences in post-trading arrangements in the Member States.

From to Call for evidence on AIFMD passport and third country AIFMs

Who should read this paper-              EU and non-EU fund managers and advisors, and their representatives-              EU and non-EU investors and their representatives-              Non-EU securities supervisors
Responding to this paperESMA invites stakeholders to provide information...

From to Call for evidence on asset segregation Fund Management

This document will be of interest to (i) depositaries of alternative investment funds and UCITS and their delegates (including prime brokers and collateral managers) and their trade associations, (ii) alternative investment funds and UCITS managers and their trade associations, as well as (iii)...

From to Call for evidence on Call to CESR for technical advice on possible measures concerning Credit Rating Agencies

CESR published today a call for evidence on credit rating agencies following receipt of a call for advice from the European Commission requesting technical advice which might assist in developing possible legislative measures if considered appropriate.
Responses to the call for evidence...

From to Call for Evidence on CESR Guidelines for the Consistent Implementation of the Proposed Commission Regulation on Prospectus

CESR announces today the launch of work to prepare guidance on disclosure requirements established under the proposed Prospectus Regulation. The Prospectus Directive and accompanying Regulation establishes a harmonised format for Prospectus in Europe and enables companies to use this Prospectus...

From to Call for Evidence on CESR's mandate on Investment Management

The 11th Meeting of CESR in Dublin, 11 and 12 December 2003, decided to establish a provisional Expert Group on Investment Management (Ref. CESR/03-411). It was also decided that after establishment of the Expert Group, the Group would work on drawing up its specific mandate based upon the...

From to Call for evidence on consolidation of market transparency data

Market transparency is a key feature of the MiFID (2004/39/EC). An adequate level of pre- and post-trade information contributes to the effective operation of the market and for investor protection.
There is a clear risk of data fragmentation following the implementation of MiFID, which...