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10/10/2022 ESMA71-99-2022 ESMA announces strategic priorities for the next five years_Press Release Board of Supervisors, About ESMA, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 121.2 KB
10/10/2022 ESMA22-440-256 ESMA Staff Stakeholder contacts in the third quarter 2022 About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 119.61 KB
10/10/2022 ESMA22-439-1076 ESMA Strategy 2023-2028 Board of Supervisors, About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 1.65 MB
07/10/2022 ESMA22-106-4146 Summary of Conclusions SMSG - 8 July 2022 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 179.02 KB
06/10/2022 PROC/2022/06 Negotiated procedure - PROC/2022/06 - ESG ratings and controversies data – DEADLINE for expression of interest 17/10/2022 – 11.59 p.m. Procurement ONGOING Procedure DOWNLOAD 114.45 KB
05/10/2022 ESMA42-646012687-331 ESMA Guidelines About ESMA, Guidelines and Technical standards Reference DOWNLOAD 100.24 KB
04/10/2022 ESMA50-165-2251 TRV article - Crypto-assets and their risks for financial stability Innovation and Digital, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 540.21 KB
03/10/2022 ESMA81-390-638 ESMA and the Austrian Financial Market Authority welcome EURIBOR panel enlargement Benchmarks Press Release DOWNLOAD 78.49 KB
30/09/2022 JC 2022 28 Joint Committee Work Programme 2023 Joint Committee Reference DOWNLOAD 198.75 KB
30/09/2022 JC 2022 42 Final Report on SFDR amendments for nuclear and gas activities Joint Committee, Sustainable finance Final Report DOWNLOAD 1.07 MB
28/09/2022 ESMA70-451-502 Report on the Review of the clearing thresholds under EMIR Post Trading Report DOWNLOAD 584.97 KB
27/09/2022 ESMA35-43-3328 Public statement on the impact of inflation in the context of investment services to retail clients Investor protection Statement DOWNLOAD 132.05 KB
27/09/2022 ESMA70-460-111 Report on the DLT Pilot Regime Innovation and Digital, Trading Report DOWNLOAD 680.69 KB
26/09/2022 ESMA Independent Member of CCP SC N. Giusto Calendar 2021 Calendar of CCP Supervisory Committee Independent Member, Nicoletta Giusto (August-December 2021) CCP Directorate Reference DOWNLOAD 176.61 KB
26/09/2022 ESMA81-459-69 Recommendation from the Working Group on Euro Risk-Free Rates on the availability of derivative products referencing €STR Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 92.51 KB
26/09/2022 ESMA34-45-1580 Sustainable Finance - implementation timeline Sustainable finance Reference DOWNLOAD 179.97 KB
26/09/2022 ESMA70-156-6040 Response form - Consultation Paper - Market Outages Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 771.73 KB
26/09/2022 ESMA70-156-6040 Consultation Paper - Market Outages Trading Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 721.69 KB
23/09/2022 ESMA70-872942901-36 Q&A on MiFID II and MiFIR commodity derivatives topics Trading Q&A DOWNLOAD 434.19 KB
23/09/2022 ESMA Independent Member of CCP SC F. Wendt Calendar 2021 Calendar of CCP SC Independent Member, Froukelien Wendt CCP Directorate Reference DOWNLOAD 182.35 KB