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21/01/2020 ESMA22-106-2077 SMSG Advice on Joint Consultation Paper on PRIIPs KID Joint Committee, Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 426.62 KB
17/01/2020 ESMA71-99-1275 Press Release - ESMA Consultation on Securitisation Reporting Data Press Releases, Securitisation Press Release DOWNLOAD 98.8 KB
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17/01/2020 ESMA 33-128-827 Guidelines on securitisation repository data completeness and consistency thresholds Securitisation Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 694.01 KB
Related documents Press Release - ESMA Consultation on Securitisation Reporting Data
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13/01/2020 ESMA63-43-1444 ESMA Budget 2020 Board of Supervisors, Management Board, About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 128.99 KB
10/01/2020 ESMA33-9-340 CRA Market Share Calculation 2019 Credit Rating Agencies Report DOWNLOAD 446.77 KB
10/01/2020 ESMA71-99-1270 ESMA report values EU Alternative Investment Funds at €5.8 trillion Fund Management, Press Releases, Risk monitoring Press Release DOWNLOAD 149.02 KB
10/01/2020 ESMA50-165-1032 EU Alternative Investment Funds - 2020 Statistical Report Fund Management, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 1.94 MB
09/01/2020 ESMA22-106-1942 Strategic Orientation 2020-22 Board of Supervisors, About ESMA Report DOWNLOAD 325.47 KB
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Translated versions esma22-106-1942_strategic_orientation_2020-22_de.pdf esma22-106-1942_strategic_orientation_2020-22_fr.pdf
09/01/2020 ESMA71-99-1272 ESMA key priorities 2020-22 Board of Supervisors, About ESMA, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 92.35 KB
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07/01/2020 ESMA70-151-2869 Final Report CCPs' Membership Criteria and Due Diligence Post Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 229.41 KB
07/01/2020 ESMA WP-2020-1 ESMA working paper on market impacts of circuit breakers – Evidence from EU trading venues Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 1.63 MB
06/01/2020 ESMA74-362-388 LEI statement SFTR Securities Financing Transactions Reference DOWNLOAD 105.88 KB
06/01/2020 ESMA70-151-2703 Final Report - Guidelines on Reporting Under SFTR Securities Financing Transactions Final Report DOWNLOAD 1.38 MB
06/01/2020 PROC/2019/12 Open tender for « Installation et fourniture de machines à café, de café et de boissons chaudes » – DEADLINE 3/2/2020 – 23:59 Procurement CLOSED Procedure DOWNLOAD 110.55 KB
03/01/2020 ESMA22-106-2024 SoC ESMA Management Board December 2019 Management Board Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 139.66 KB
23/12/2019 ESMA71-99-1269 ESMA extends recognition decisions for 3 UK CCPs Post Trading Press Release DOWNLOAD 85.15 KB
23/12/2019 ESMA50-164-2969 Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) exposures to commercial real estate - 2018 Fund Management, Risk monitoring Reference DOWNLOAD 146.79 KB
23/12/2019 ESMA32-60-537 ESEF Validation rules 2019 Electronic reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 210.12 KB
23/12/2019 ESMA32-60-536 ESEF Taxonomy 2019 Architecture Electronic reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 65.89 KB
23/12/2019 ESMA32-60-534 ESMA XBRL Taxonomy Documentation 2019 Electronic reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 301.09 KB