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09/03/2020 ESMA80-199-332 ESMA Supervision - Annual Report 2019 and Work Programme 2020 Benchmarks, Credit Rating Agencies, Securities Financing Transactions, Securitisation, Trade Repositories Annual Report DOWNLOAD 825.72 KB
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04/03/2020 BOA/2012/005 Form of notice of appeal Board of Appeal Reference DOWNLOAD 125.97 KB
04/03/2020 BoA/2019/05 Guidelines on appeal proceedings Board of Appeal Reference DOWNLOAD 121.64 KB
04/03/2020 BoA/2019/04 Rules of Procedure for the Board of Appeal Board of Appeal Reference DOWNLOAD 409.88 KB
03/03/2020 ESMA22-328-271 CCP Supervisory Committee Terms of Reference Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 161.7 KB
03/03/2020 ESMA34-49-172 Guidelines on stress test scenarios under the MMF Regulation Fund Management, Guidelines and Technical standards Guidelines & Recommendations DOWNLOAD 617.67 KB
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Translated versions esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_bg.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_cs.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_da.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_de.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_el.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_es.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_et.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_fi.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_fr.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_hr.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_hu.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_it.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_lt.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_lv.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_mt.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_nl.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_pl.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_pt.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_ro.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_sk.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_sl.pdf esma34-49-172_guidelines_on_mmf_stress_tests_sv.pdf
03/03/2020 ESMA50-164-3187 Innovation on a Grand Scale - speech by Steven Maijoor, Afore Consulting 4th Annual FinTech and Regulation Conference,Brussels Innovation and Digital, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 113.31 KB
02/03/2020 ESMA70-151-2963 Letter EC-Report-C6 energy derivative contracts Post Trading Letter DOWNLOAD 893.89 KB
02/03/2020 ESMA70-151-2908 MIFID II Report C6 Energy Derivatives Post Trading Report DOWNLOAD 367.55 KB
28/02/2020 ESMA20-92-144 ESMA Staff Stakeholder contacts in the Fourth Quarter 2019 About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 165.03 KB
27/02/2020 ESMA/2014/677-REV Information on shareholder cooperation and acting in concert under the Takeover Bids Directive Issuer disclosure, Corporate Governance Statement DOWNLOAD 368.97 KB
19/02/2020 ESMA71-99-1284 ESMA finds continued high risks as financial markets remain highly volatile Press Releases, Risk monitoring Press Release DOWNLOAD 94.61 KB
19/02/2020 ESMA50-165-1041 ESMA TRV No 1 2020 Annex Risk monitoring Reference DOWNLOAD 1.54 MB
19/02/2020 ESMA50-165-1040 ESMA report on trends, risks and vulnerabilities no.1 2020 Risk monitoring Final Report DOWNLOAD 1.42 MB
14/02/2020 ESMA71-99-1282 ESMA seeks candidates for its stakeholder group Press Releases, Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Press Release DOWNLOAD 92.77 KB
14/02/2020 ESMA22-106-2062 Procedure - ESMA Stakeholder Group Renewal Procedure 2020 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Reference DOWNLOAD 234.62 KB
14/02/2020 SMSG 2020 SMSG application form 2020 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Reference DOWNLOAD 38.1 KB
14/02/2020 ESMA22-106-2097 Call for expression of interest to the ESMA Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group (SMSG) Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Reference DOWNLOAD 128.74 KB
14/02/2020 ESMA71-99-1285 ESMA responds to European Commission consultation on the Benchmark Regulation review Benchmarks, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 112.54 KB
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14/02/2020 ESMA70-156-1778 ESMA’s response to the Commission’s consultation on the BMR review Benchmarks Report DOWNLOAD 314.12 KB