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18/10/2022 ESMA70-151-2218 Public Register for the Clearing Obligation under EMIR Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 706.52 KB
18/10/2022 ESMA71-99-2040 ACER and ESMA enhance cooperation to strengthen oversight of energy and energy derivative markets Benchmarks, Market Abuse, Market Integrity, Trading, Post Trading, Press Releases Reference DOWNLOAD 203.77 KB
14/10/2022 ESMA91-372-2466 Report_Amended RTS_Emergency measures on collateral requirements_Article 46(3) EMIR CCP Directorate Final Report DOWNLOAD 423.39 KB
14/10/2022 ESMA71-319-231 Natasha Cazenave speech at AFME Conference: ESMA’s New Strategic Orientation, 13 October 2022 Innovation and Digital, Investor protection, Speeches, Supervisory convergence, Sustainable finance Speech DOWNLOAD 148.72 KB
14/10/2022 ESMA70-145-1090 FIRDS CFI validations - October 2022 Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 146.13 KB
14/10/2022 ESMA Newsletter Newsletter September 2022 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 7.71 MB
13/10/2022 ESMA35-43-2517 Compliance table on Guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID II compliance function (ESMA35-36-1952) Guidelines and Technical standards, Investor protection Compliance table DOWNLOAD 149.47 KB
12/10/2022 ESMA31-62-1258 Q&As on the Prospectus Regulation Prospectus Q&A DOWNLOAD 829.14 KB
12/10/2022 ESMA70-145-1090 FIRDS CFI validations Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 459.89 KB
11/10/2022 MoU China Memorandum of Understanding between ESMA and the People’s Bank of China Related to CCPs Established in the People’s Republic of China CCP Directorate Reference DOWNLOAD 254.44 KB
11/10/2022 MoU Chile Memorandum of Understanding Related to ESMA’s Monitoring of the Ongoing Compliance with Recognition Conditions by CCPs established in Chile and supervised by the Chilean Market Commission CCP Directorate Reference DOWNLOAD 387.64 KB
11/10/2022 ESMA91-372-2391 CCP Strategic Objectives 2023-2025 Board of Supervisors, CCP Directorate Reference DOWNLOAD 188.32 KB
11/10/2022 ESMA32-380-211 Call for Evidence on the implementation of SRD2 Prospectus Reference DOWNLOAD 432.02 KB
10/10/2022 ESMA22-439-1055 ESMA Work Programme 2023: focus on sustainability, technological change and protection of retail investors About ESMA Press Release DOWNLOAD 107.57 KB
10/10/2022 ESMA22-439-1055 2023 Annual Work Programme About ESMA Report DOWNLOAD 739.52 KB
10/10/2022 ESMA71-99-2022 ESMA announces strategic priorities for the next five years_Press Release Board of Supervisors, About ESMA, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 121.2 KB
10/10/2022 ESMA22-440-256 ESMA Staff Stakeholder contacts in the third quarter 2022 About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 119.61 KB
10/10/2022 ESMA22-439-1076 ESMA Strategy 2023-2028 Board of Supervisors, About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 1.65 MB
07/10/2022 ESMA22-106-4146 Summary of Conclusions SMSG - 8 July 2022 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 179.02 KB
06/10/2022 PROC/2022/06 Negotiated procedure - PROC/2022/06 - ESG ratings and controversies data – DEADLINE for expression of interest 17/10/2022 – 11.59 p.m. Procurement ONGOING Procedure DOWNLOAD 114.45 KB