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11/11/2020 ESMA50-165-1371 ESMA Risk Dashboard No. 2 2020 Risk monitoring Reference DOWNLOAD 621.57 KB
11/11/2020 ESMA33-128-1217 Guidelines on securitisation repository data completeness and consistency thresholds Guidelines and Technical standards Guidelines & Recommendations DOWNLOAD 373.62 KB
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10/11/2020 ESMA70-708036281-159 Competent Authorities Responsible for the Authorisation and Supervision of Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 238.25 KB
10/11/2020 ESMA70-156-3351 Report on PTRR services with regards to the clearing obligation Post Trading, Supervisory convergence Report DOWNLOAD 2.03 MB
09/11/2020 ESMA70-155-10958 Statement_Brexit_ESMA IT systems_2020Q4 Brexit Statement DOWNLOAD 163.2 KB
09/11/2020 ESMA65-8-7497 Public statement on Brexit Data Operational Plan Brexit Statement DOWNLOAD 157.89 KB
09/11/2020 ESMA74-362-881 Statement Brexit EMIR and SFTR data Brexit, Post Trading, Securities Financing Transactions Statement DOWNLOAD 257.04 KB
09/11/2020 ESMA34-45-926 response form Response form - draft guidelines on marketing communications Fund Management Reference DOWNLOAD 24.06 KB
09/11/2020 ESMA34-45-926 Consultation paper on draft Guidelines on marketing communications Fund Management Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 383.06 KB
09/11/2020 ESMA22-106-2930 Summary of Conclusions Board of Supervisors conference call - 22 and 23 September 2020 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 290.95 KB
09/11/2020 ESMA22-106-2883 Summary of Conclusions Management Board meeting 17 September 2020 Management Board Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 124.02 KB
09/11/2020 ESMA31-67-127 Question and answers on Transparency Directive (TD) Brexit, Issuer disclosure, Prospectus, Supervisory convergence, Transparency Q&A DOWNLOAD 352.79 KB
09/11/2020 PROC/2020/04 Open tender for Interim agents services – DEADLINE 08/07/2020 – 11:59 Procurement CLOSED Procedure DOWNLOAD 114.33 KB
09/11/2020 PROC/2020/03 Negotiated procedure - Provision of Multitechnical Maintenance Services – DEADLINE for expression of interest 17/6/2020 23:59 Procurement CLOSED Procedure DOWNLOAD 131.31 KB
06/11/2020 ESMA32-65-293 Application form for CFSC CWG Issuer disclosure, Prospectus Reference DOWNLOAD 35.57 KB
06/11/2020 ESMA32-65-292 Call for expression of interest CFSC CWG 2020 Prospectus Reference DOWNLOAD 132.09 KB
06/11/2020 ESMA70-155-10587 Guidance on the annex to ESMA opinion determining third-country trading venues for the purpose of transparency under MiFIR Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 170.14 KB
06/11/2020 ESMA70-155-11210 Delegation third country TV post trade transparency Board of Supervisors, Trading Decision DOWNLOAD 124.97 KB
06/11/2020 ESMA70-156-2477 Consultation Paper Guidelines on market data Trading Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 833.85 KB
06/11/2020 ESMA70-156-3882 Response Form CP Guidelines on market data Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 759.82 KB