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30/11/2020 ESMA-50-165-1355 ASR on EU Securities markets - 2020 Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 1.69 MB
26/11/2020 ESMA74-362-991 Response Form CP DRSP Fees Post Trading, Supervisory convergence, Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 760.67 KB
26/11/2020 ESMA74-362-991 Reponse form CP DRSP Criteria for Derogation Supervisory convergence, Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 761.38 KB
26/11/2020 ESMA71-99-1442 Press_Release_ESMA Chair Candidates Shortlist Board of Supervisors, About ESMA, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 109.44 KB
25/11/2020 ESMA71-99-1443 PR DTO Final Position Brexit, Trading, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 82.15 KB
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25/11/2020 70-155-8842 ESMA statement on DTO Final Brexit, Trading Statement DOWNLOAD 79.5 KB
23/11/2020 ESAs 2020 20 Statement ESAs propose to adapt the EMIR implementation timelines - intragroup transactions, equity options and novations to EU counterparties Post Trading Statement DOWNLOAD 31.24 KB
23/11/2020 ESMA70-156-3883 Final report on the Clearing Obligation (intragroups and novations) Post Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 356.21 KB
23/11/2020 ESAs 2020 20 Final Report - Bilateral margin amendments (intragroup equity options and novations) Post Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 401.96 KB
23/11/2020 ESMA32-50-218 Guidelines on enforcement of financial information Guidelines and Technical standards Guidelines & Recommendations DOWNLOAD 315.49 KB
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Translated versions esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_bg.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_cs.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_da.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_de.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_el.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_es.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_et.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_fi.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_fr.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_hr.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_hu.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_it.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_lt.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_lv.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_mt.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_nl.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_pl.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_pt.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_ro.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_sk.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_sl.pdf esma32-50-218_guidelines_on_enforcement_of_financial_information_sv.pdf
23/11/2020 PROC/2020/05 Low and middle value tender for Negotiated Corporate identity and branding services – Deadline 16/11/2020 – 11:59 Procurement CLOSED Procedure DOWNLOAD 127.37 KB
20/11/2020 ESMA WP-2020-04 ESMA working paper on HFT and ghost liquidity Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 631.76 KB
20/11/2020 ESMA74-362-837 CP on DRSP fees Post Trading, Supervisory convergence, Trading Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 526.22 KB
20/11/2020 ESMA74-362-932 CP on DRSP criteria for derogation Post Trading, Supervisory convergence, Trading Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 384.54 KB
19/11/2020 ESMA34-38-259 Future challenges for fund managers - Keynote address by Verena Ross at the AIMA forum on 19 November 2020 Fund Management, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 124.19 KB
18/11/2020 ESMA71-99-1437 ESMA publishes first overview of the size and structure of EU securities markets Risk monitoring Press Release DOWNLOAD 93.67 KB
18/11/2020 ESMA22-106-2964 Summary of Conclusions Board of Supervisors conference call - 23 October 2020 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 137.02 KB
16/11/2020 ESMA71-99-1436 EU derivative clearing showed strong growth in 2019 Risk monitoring Press Release DOWNLOAD 94.57 KB
16/11/2020 ESMA50-165-1362 ASR on EU derivatives markets - 2020 Post Trading, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 1.88 MB
13/11/2020 ESMA22-106-2993 SMSG advice on Sustainability Templates Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group, Sustainable finance SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 184.15 KB