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06/02/2007 07-108 Call for evidence- non-equities markets transparency Consultation Paper PDF
134.59 KB
CESR is inviting all interested parties to submit their views regarding transparency on bond markets. CESR would like to point out that, as indicated by the request, the purpose of CESR work is not to duplicate the work of the Commission. Therefore there is no need to re-submit those responses which were sent to the Commission. CESR's response is requested by the end of June 2007. As part of its work, CESR intends to organise a public consultation together with a public hearing. An indicative work-plan for preparing CESR's response is attached (see Annex 2). The closing date for contributions is Tuesday 6 March 2007.
13/04/2007 07-241 Call for evidence- Key Investor Disclosures under UCITS Consultation Paper PDF
553.06 KB
13/04/2007 07-214 Call for evidence- Questionnaire on Simplified Prospectus for retail investors Consultation Paper PDF
95.25 KB
13/04/2007 07-205 Call for evidence- UCITS Distribution Consultation Paper PDF
88.54 KB
13/04/2007 07-228 Consultation paper- Inducements under MiFID Consultation Paper PDF
157.78 KB
17/04/2007 07-212 Consultation paper- CESR’s technical advice on a mechanism for determining the equivalence of the generally accepted accounting principles of third countries Consultation Paper PDF
99.58 KB
10/05/2007 07-284 Consultation paper- Non-equity transparency Consultation Paper PDF
189.64 KB
24/05/2007 07-089 Consultation Paper- Impact Assessment Guidelines for EU Level 3 Committees Consultation Paper PDF
402.13 KB
22/06/2007 07-394 Consultation paper- Questionnaire on the rating of structured finance instruments Consultation Paper PDF
84.6 KB
13/07/2007 07-487 Call for evidence- Possible CESR Level 3 work on the Transparency Directive Consultation Paper PDF
70.16 KB
24/08/2007 07-394 Extended Consultation paper- Questionnaire on the rating of structured finance instruments- Extended deadline Consultation Paper PDF
84.49 KB
16/10/2007 07-669 Consultation Paper- Content and form of Key Investor Information disclosures for UCITS Consultation Paper PDF
405.57 KB
22/10/2007 07-704 Consultation paper- Draft MiFID work-programme for 2007/2008 Consultation Paper PDF
88.9 KB
22/11/2007 07-775 Consultation Paper- 3L3 Medium Term Work Programme Consultation Paper PDF
97.98 KB
17/12/2007 07-832 Consultation Paper- Improving the functioning of the MiFID database Consultation Paper PDF
63.25 KB
18/12/2007 07-761 Consultation Paper- CESR’s advice on the equivalence of Chinese, Japanese and US GAAPs Consultation Paper PDF
544.67 KB
18/01/2008 08-064 Call for evidence- CESR/CEBS Call for Evidence on Commodities Consultation Paper PDF
656.06 KB
13/02/2008 08-036 Consultation Paper- The role of credit rating agencies in structured finance Consultation Paper PDF
293.93 KB
18/02/2008 08-140 Call for evidence- CESR/ERGEG call for evidence on record keeping, transparency, supply contracts and derivatives for electricity and gas Consultation Paper PDF
940.97 KB
26/03/2008 08-247 Consultation paper- Common understanding of the obligations imposed by European Regulation 1781/2006 on the information on the payer accompanying funds transfers to payment service providers of payees Consultation Paper PDF
118 KB