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02/03/2021 ESMA22-106-3105 Summary of conclusions Board of Supervisors - 16 December 2020 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 313.11 KB
01/03/2021 ESMA22-106-3155 Summary of Conclusions Management Board Meeting - 26 January 2021 Management Board Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 124.19 KB
01/03/2021 ESMA30-379-483 Press Release - Advice on Article 8 of the Taxonomy Regulation Press Releases, Sustainable finance Press Release DOWNLOAD 125.43 KB
01/03/2021 ESMA22-106-3194 SMSG own initiative advice to ESMA on Wirecard case Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 519.92 KB
01/03/2021 ESMA30-379-471 Final Report - Advice on Article 8 of the Taxonomy Regulation Sustainable finance Final Report DOWNLOAD 2.89 MB
25/02/2021 ESMA70-155-11890 Statement CumEx CumCum scandal - Fabrizio Planta Market Abuse, Market Integrity, Speeches, Trading Speech DOWNLOAD 132.57 KB
25/02/2021 JC 2021 06 Joint ESAs supervisory statement - SFDR Joint Committee, Sustainable finance Statement DOWNLOAD 220.21 KB
25/02/2021 ESMA80-187-807 Consultation Paper - Guidelines on use of alternative methodology Benchmarks Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 263.42 KB
25/02/2021 ESMA81-393-96 Response form - Guidelines on methodology in excpetional circumstances Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 753.15 KB
25/02/2021 ESMA71-99-1573 ESMA appoints new chair of its Corporate Reporting Standing Committee Issuer disclosure Statement DOWNLOAD 78.55 KB
24/02/2021 ESMA70-151-3370 Final report on GL on Review_Evaluation EU CCP NCAs EMIR Art 21 CCP Directorate Final Report DOWNLOAD 428.18 KB
24/02/2021 ESMA70-156-3926 Annual Report 2020 Non-equity Waivers and Deferrals Trading Annual Report DOWNLOAD 2.44 MB
23/02/2021 ESMA22-105-1307 Introductory statement on GameStop share trading - Steven Maijoor Market Integrity, Investor protection Statement DOWNLOAD 96.93 KB
22/02/2021 ESMA65-11-243 TERMS OF REFERENCE - ITMG Market data Reference DOWNLOAD 100.84 KB
18/02/2021 ESMA WP-2021-03 ESMA working paper on MiFID II research unbundling Innovation and Digital Report DOWNLOAD 1.18 MB
17/02/2021 ESMA70-155-6052 Delegation regarding opinions on position limits Reference DOWNLOAD 125.49 KB
17/02/2021 ESMA70-155-11809 Episodes of very high volatility in trading of certain stocks Market Integrity, Investor protection Statement DOWNLOAD 107.47 KB
16/02/2021 ESMA32-339-151 Letter IFRS IC TLTRO III Prospectus Letter DOWNLOAD 436.9 KB
15/02/2021 ESMA34-47-369 Call for expression of interest IMSC CWG 2021 Fund Management Reference DOWNLOAD 155.71 KB
11/02/2021 ESMA22-106-3123 Summary of conclusions SMSG 17 December 2020 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 103.5 KB