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29/03/2021 ESMA70-151-2838 Guidelines on Reporting Under SFTR Securities Financing Transactions Final Report DOWNLOAD 3.21 MB
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26/03/2021 ESMA35-36-2201 response form Response form to CP on draft technical standards under the ECSP Regulation Crowdfunding Reference DOWNLOAD 773.05 KB
26/03/2021 ESMA35-36-2201 Consultation Paper on draft technical standards under the ECSP Regulation Crowdfunding Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 1.24 MB
26/03/2021 ESMA22-106-3160 Summary of conclusions Board of Supervisors - 28 January 2021 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 134.22 KB
26/03/2021 ESMA22-106-3251 Summary of Conclusions Management Board - 3 March 2021 Management Board Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 48.81 KB
26/03/2021 ESMA43-370-282 Final Report on MiFIR DRSPs fines Post Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 304.17 KB
26/03/2021 ESMA74-362-1830 Final report on DRSP fees Market data Final Report DOWNLOAD 442 KB
26/03/2021 ESMA74-362-1917 ESMA advice on the criteria for DRSP Market data Final Report DOWNLOAD 344.96 KB
26/03/2021 ESMA71-99-1624 ESMA ADVISES ON FRAMEWORK FOR DATA REPORTING SERVICE PROVIDERS Market data, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 84.4 KB
26/03/2021 ESMA43-370-281 Final report_TA on procedural rules for penalties imposed on Benchmark Administrators Benchmarks Final Report DOWNLOAD 369.64 KB
26/03/2021 ESMA42-110-2045 SSF Terms of reference Supervisory convergence Reference DOWNLOAD 136.51 KB
26/03/2021 JC 2021 16 ESAs’ Opinion to the European Commission on the Jurisdictional Scope of Application of the SECR Joint Committee, Securitisation Opinion DOWNLOAD 339.91 KB
26/03/2021 ESMA71-99-1603 ESMA consults on the framework for EU Money Market Funds Fund Management Press Release DOWNLOAD 105.85 KB
26/03/2021 ESMA34-49-309 Consultation paper on EU Money Market Fund Regulation – legislative review Fund Management Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 527.43 KB
25/03/2021 ESMA22-106-3216 Summary of conclusions SMSG - 9 February 2021 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 108.05 KB
24/03/2021 ESMA34-43-880 ESMA presents the results of the 2020 Common Supervisory Action (CSA) on UCITS liquidity risk management Fund Management Statement DOWNLOAD 153.02 KB
24/03/2021 ESMA71-99-1604 ESMA assesses the compliance with UCITS liquidity rules and highlights areas for vigilance Fund Management, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 128.29 KB
24/03/2021 ESMA74-362-1864 CP Technical Advice on simplification TR fees under SFTR and EMIR Market data, Trade Repositories Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 494.16 KB
24/03/2021 ESMA71-99-1608 ESMA appoints new chair of Market Integrity Standing Committee Board of Supervisors, Management Board, Market Integrity, Press Releases Statement DOWNLOAD 37.58 KB
24/03/2021 ESMA80 -187-881 BMR Brexit Statement updated Benchmarks, Brexit Statement DOWNLOAD 82.91 KB