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25/05/2021 ESMA-50-164-4518 response form Call for evidence on digital finance - response form Innovation and Digital Reference DOWNLOAD 749.6 KB
25/05/2021 ESMA-50-164-4518 Call for evidence - Digital Finance Innovation and Digital Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 300.37 KB
21/05/2021 ESMA20-92-181 ESMA Staff Stakeholder contacts in the First Quarter 2021 About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 163.64 KB
21/05/2021 ESMA22-106-3378 SMSG response to the European Commission’s targeted consultation on supervisory convergence and the single rulebook Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group, Supervisory convergence Reference DOWNLOAD 171.54 KB
21/05/2021 ESMA22-106-3341 SoC Board of Supervisors and the Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group - 24 March 2021 Board of Supervisors, Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 82.2 KB
21/05/2021 ESMA71-99-1677 ESMA appoints Derville Rowland to chair the Investment Management Standing Committee Board of Supervisors, About ESMA, Fund Management Statement DOWNLOAD 79 KB
20/05/2021 ESMA71-99-1672 ESMA appoints Natasha Cazenave as Executive Director Board of Supervisors, About ESMA Press Release DOWNLOAD 80.81 KB
20/05/2021 ESMA70-156-4262 Opinion for the adjustment of the threshold set out in Article 5(2) of SSR COVID-19, Market Integrity, Short Selling Opinion DOWNLOAD 429.84 KB
18/05/2021 ESMA22-106-3323 SoC Management Board - 22 March 2021 Management Board Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 65.36 KB
17/05/2021 ESMA22-106-3375 SMSG advice to the ESA’s Joint Consultation Paper on Taxonomy-related sustainability disclosures Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group, Sustainable finance SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 227.92 KB
17/05/2021 JC 2021 31 PR Press Release_ESAs’ report on the implementation and functioning of the securitisation regulation Joint Committee, Securitisation Press Release DOWNLOAD 125.8 KB
17/05/2021 JC 2021 31 JC Report on the implementation and functioning of the Securitisation Regulation Joint Committee, Securitisation Report DOWNLOAD 1.03 MB
12/05/2021 ESMA64-77-335 ESMA traineeship Policy Careers Reference DOWNLOAD 294.48 KB
12/05/2021 ESMA70-156-4233 Response form Response form - Consultation Paper on the RTS 2 Annual Review Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 768.94 KB
12/05/2021 ESMA70-156-4233 Consultation Paper - Annual RTS 2 Review 2021 Trading Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 445.2 KB
10/05/2021 ESMA50-164-4285 Guidelines On outsourcing to cloud service providers Innovation and Digital Guidelines & Recommendations DOWNLOAD 241.56 KB
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03/05/2021 BoA D 2021 03 Board of Appeal of the ESAs - decision on City Insurance SA vs EIOPA Board of Appeal Decision DOWNLOAD 305.13 KB
29/04/2021 ESMA22-106-3280 SMSG advice to ESMA on its Consultation Paper on “Guidelines on certain aspects of appropriateness and execution-only” Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 561.81 KB
28/04/2021 PROC/2021/08 Negotiated procedure for EMAS Consultancy – DEADLINE for expression of interest 12/05/2021 – 23:59 (CET) Procurement CLOSED Procedure DOWNLOAD 113.8 KB
28/04/2021 ESMA34-45-1248 Public hearing on CP on taxonomy-related product disclosures April 2021 - Agenda Joint Committee, Sustainable finance Reference DOWNLOAD 121.71 KB