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07/06/2021 ESMA71-99-1687 ESMA 4th CCP ST Press_Release 7 June CCP Directorate Press Release DOWNLOAD 127.94 KB
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07/06/2021 ESMA91-372-1367 Framework for the 2021 CCP ST exercise CCP Directorate, Post Trading, Press Releases Reference DOWNLOAD 524.2 KB
03/06/2021 ESMA50-165-1761 ESMA Risk Dashboard No. 1 2021 Market data, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 819.04 KB
03/06/2021 ESMA32-65-324 Call for interest ESMA ECL Workshop Issuer disclosure, Financial reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 39.11 KB
03/06/2021 ESMA32-65-365 Expression of interest form ECL Workshop Reference DOWNLOAD 329.23 KB
01/06/2021 ESMA71-99-1640 ESMA Newsletter May 2021 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 3.52 MB
01/06/2021 ESMA70-156-4305 Final report MiFID II MiFIR obligations on market data Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 593.32 KB
31/05/2021 ESMA32-60-727 Final Report draft RTS amending RTS on ESEF 2021 Issuer disclosure, Electronic reporting Final Report DOWNLOAD 9.47 MB
31/05/2021 ESMA70-155-11961 Opinion on AMF AMP Market Abuse, Market Integrity Opinion DOWNLOAD 1.77 MB
31/05/2021 2021/Q2 IFR list Further instruments and funds qualifying as own funds for investment firms Fund Management, Joint Committee Reference DOWNLOAD 26.97 KB
28/05/2021 ESMA81-393-98 Supervisory Briefing on Benchmark administrators’ presence in their Member States of location and outsourcing Benchmarks, Supervisory convergence Report DOWNLOAD 200.21 KB
28/05/2021 esma74-362-2009 Response_form_Response_form_-_Consultation Paper on the Guidelines on Transfer of Data Market data, Securities Financing Transactions, Trade Repositories Reference DOWNLOAD 776.32 KB
28/05/2021 ESMA74-362-1941 Consultation Paper on the Guidelines on transfer of data between Trade Repositories under EMIR and SFTR Market data, Securities Financing Transactions, Trade Repositories Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 658.69 KB
28/05/2021 ESMA50-164-4575 Opinion - Collection of information for the effective monitoring of systemic risk under Article 24(5), first subparagraph, of the AIFMD Fund Management Opinion DOWNLOAD 135.74 KB
27/05/2021 ESMA22-105-1363 ESMA OPINION ON 2019 DISCHARGE REPORT OF EP Board of Supervisors, About ESMA Opinion DOWNLOAD 87.37 KB
27/05/2021 esma82-402-514 Response_form_CP_STS_RTS_ITS_SECR Securitisation Reference DOWNLOAD 770.72 KB
27/05/2021 ESMA82-402-200 Consultation Paper on draft TS on content and format of the STS notification for on-balance sheet securitisations Securitisation Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 929.82 KB
27/05/2021 ESMA34-45-1244 Final report - Guidelines on marketing communications Fund Management Final Report DOWNLOAD 430.47 KB
26/05/2021 ESMA70-156-4519 ESMA letter to EC regarding the Review of the CSDR Post Trading Letter DOWNLOAD 148.24 KB
26/05/2021 ESMA22-328-603 ESMA response to the targeted consultation on the functioning of the ESAs Board of Supervisors Letter DOWNLOAD 255.74 KB