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06/07/2005 05-428 CESR’s draft technical advice to the European Commission on a possible amendment to Regulation (EC) 809/2004 regarding the historical financial information which must be included in a prospectus Consultation Paper PDF
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28/07/2005 05-493 Call for evidence- Mandate to CESR regarding technical advice on possible implementing measures concerning the Transparency Directive Storage of regulated information and filing of regulated information Consultation Paper PDF
580.37 KB
08/09/2005 05-483c Consultation paper- Establishement of a Mediation Mechanism Consultation Paper PDF
153.07 KB
20/10/2005 05-490b CESR’s Draft Advice on Clarification of Definitions concerning Eligible Assets for Investments of UCITS- 2nd Consultation Paper Consultation Paper PDF
359.54 KB
31/01/2006 06-025 Consultation paper- Possible implementing measures of the Transparency Directive, Storage of regulated information and filing of regulated information Consultation Paper PDF
1.12 MB
24/03/2006 06-134 Call for evidence- Consolidation of Market Transparency Data Consultation Paper PDF
90.7 KB
31/03/2006 06-092 Consulting Investors on the Transparency Directive: Storage of Information Consultation Paper PDF
67.44 KB
The issue of storage is important for investors in that it should provide investors with greater access to information on all issuers across Europe. The idea is that all EU investors will be able to access information from a single source in order to evaluate their investment opportunities and to make informed investment choices. CESR considers that investors and more particularly, retail investors may wish to use the storage system to access information and therefore this system should be structured so as to be user-friendly for end investors and to respond to their expectations in terms of functionalities. An investor's version of the Consultation paper (Ref. CESR/06-025)was distributed to retail investor associations, and a hearing was organised on 20 March. The responses received to this investor's version will be included in the list of responses received to the Consultation paper
05/05/2006 06-120 Consultation paper- CESR’s guidelines to simplify the notification procedure of UCITS- 2nd Consultation Paper Consultation Paper PDF
221.51 KB
19/06/2006 06-078 Call for evidence- Evaluation of the supervisory functioning of the EU market abuse regime Consultation Paper PDF
65.93 KB
18/07/2006 06-413 Consultation paper- CESR Work Programme on MiFID level 3 Work Consultation Paper PDF
90.72 KB
20/10/2006 06-552 Consultation Paper- The list of minimum records in Article 51(3) of the MiFID implementing Directive Consultation Paper PDF
75.75 KB
20/10/2006 06-551 Consultation Paper- Publication and Consolidation of MiFID Market Transparency Consultation Paper PDF
197.45 KB
26/10/2006 06-530 Consultation paper- Can hedge fund indices be classified as financial indices for the purpose of UCITS? Consultation Paper PDF
134.54 KB
13/11/2006 06-515 Call for Evidence- on the supervisory functioning of the Prospectus Directive and Regulation Consultation Paper PDF
67.12 KB
15/12/2006 06-648b Consultation paper- use of reference data standard codes in transaction reporting Consultation Paper PDF
64.67 KB
15/12/2006 06-669 Consultation paper- the passport under MiFID Consultation Paper PDF
248.57 KB
This paper is open for consultation until 31 January 2007
22/12/2006 06-687 Consultation paper- Inducements under MiFID Consultation Paper PDF
163.83 KB
02/02/2007 07-050b Consultation paper- Best execution under MIFID Consultation Paper PDF
174.41 KB
02/02/2007 07-047 Consultation paper- CESR Level 3 Guidelines on MiFID Transaction reporting Consultation Paper PDF
85.58 KB
05/02/2007 07-045 Consultation paper- Clarification of the definitions concerning eligible assets for investment by UCITS: can hedge fund indices be classified as financial indices for the purpose of UCITS? Consultation Paper PDF
155.46 KB
The purpose of this consultation paper is to describe CESR's conclusions on Hedge Fund Indices, and to propose draft measures. The measures proposed will be adopted by CESR at "Level 3". Level 3 measures concern strengthened co-operation between (national) regulators to ensure consistent and equivalent application of Level 1 and Level 2 legislation. CESR will hold an open hearing at its offices in Paris on 2nd April 2007, for interested parties to attend and give their views. Further information and registration details will be made available on CESR's website shortly