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06/12/2022 ESMA30-379-1915 Verena Ross' speech at the DSW / Better Finance International Investors’ Conference, 6 December 2022 - The Green Deal vs. Geopolitics Speeches, Sustainable finance Speech DOWNLOAD 183.81 KB
02/12/2022 ESMA22-106-4325 SMSG Advice on gas and nuclear energy Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group, Sustainable finance SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 109.63 KB
02/12/2022 ESMA22-106-4322 SMSG Advice on Depositary Receipts and Geopolitical Risks Investor protection, Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 152.76 KB
02/12/2022 ESMA22-106-4323 SMSG Advice to the Call for evidence on the implementation of SRD2 provisions on proxy advisors and the investment chain Prospectus, Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 260.77 KB
01/12/2022 ESMA24-436-1489 Chair Opening Statement ECON, 1 December 2022 - Energy derivative markets CCP Directorate, Market Abuse, Market Integrity, Investor protection, Speeches, Trading Speech DOWNLOAD 152.08 KB
30/11/2022 ESMA35-42-1305 ESCPR - Miscellaneous reporting to ESMA Crowdfunding, Investor protection Reference DOWNLOAD 381.28 KB
30/11/2022 ESMA50-164-6583 Final report - Guidelines on stress test scenarios under the MMF Regulation - 2022 update Fund Management Final Report DOWNLOAD 639.07 KB
30/11/2022 ESMA50-164-6905 Opening statement at the ECON hearing on FTX Innovation and Digital, Risk monitoring Statement DOWNLOAD 132.73 KB
29/11/2022 ESMA50-164-6327 TRV article - Parsing prospectuses: A text-mining approach Prospectus, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 702.77 KB
28/11/2022 ESMA81-393-617 Response form - CP Benchmarks amendment of RTS on authorisation and registration Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 757.42 KB
28/11/2022 ESMA81-393-607 Consultation Paper on review of RTS on authorisation and registration Benchmarks Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 647.07 KB
28/11/2022 ESMA81-393-599 Final Report on review of RTS on recognition Benchmarks, Guidelines and Technical standards Final Report DOWNLOAD 712.24 KB
25/11/2022 ESMA32-382-1157 Compliance table on disclosure requirements under the Prospectus Regulation Prospectus Compliance table DOWNLOAD 144.34 KB
25/11/2022 ESMA31-62-1409 Compliance table GLs on Risk factors Prospectus Compliance table DOWNLOAD 180.41 KB
25/11/2022 ESMA81-393-570 Report on sanctions imposed under the Benchmarks Regulation in 2021 Benchmarks Report DOWNLOAD 346.23 KB
25/11/2022 ESMA70-145-111 Q&A on the Market Abuse Regulation Market Abuse, Market Integrity Q&A DOWNLOAD 549.17 KB
25/11/2022 ESMA70-156-4448 Q&As - Central Securities Depositories Regulation Post Trading, Supervisory convergence Q&A DOWNLOAD 627.89 KB
24/11/2022 ESMA50-164-6745 ESMA advice on CBI measure AIFMD Art25 Fund Management Reference DOWNLOAD 287.99 KB
21/11/2022 ESMA70-450-1237 Final Report CSDR RTS Art 19 Amendment Post Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 405.26 KB
21/11/2022 ESMA70-156-6093 Annual Report 2022 Waivers and Deferrals Trading Annual Report DOWNLOAD 1.17 MB