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03/10/2008 08-639 Consultation paper- CESR’s technical advice to the European Commission on Indian GAAP Consultation Paper PDF
495.97 KB
30/09/2008 08-748 Consulation paper- UCITS Management Company Passport Consultation Paper PDF
303.14 KB
01/09/2008 3L3 Commission consultation The 3 Level 3 Committees’ Joint Response to the European Commission’s Public Consultation Paper on Amendments to Commission Decisions establishing CESR, CEBS & CEIOPS Consultation Paper PDF
48.36 KB
22/08/2008 08-643 Call for evidence on the identification of regulatory arrangements for post-trading infrastructures Consultation Paper PDF
314.83 KB
At the end of July 2008, CESR received from the European Commission a mandate to identify regulatory arrangements for post-trading infrastructures and to advise on possible solutions in terms of bridging any potential differences in post-trading arrangements in the Member States. The deadline set for CESR
19/08/2008 08-616 Consultation paper- Risk management principles for UCITS Consultation Paper PDF
112.74 KB
21/07/2008 08-509 Consultation paper- CESR and ERGEG advice to the European Commission in the context of the Third Energy Package Consultation Paper PDF
220.74 KB
17/07/2008 08-572 Call for evidence- Request for advice to CESR on the UCITS asset management company passport Consultation Paper PDF
230.66 KB
11/07/2008 08-543 Consultation paper- Guidelines for the prudential assessment of acquisitions and increase of holdings in the financial sector required by Directive 2007/44/EC Consultation Paper PDF
221.3 KB
10/07/2008 08-437 Consultation paper- CESR statement on Fair value measurement and related disclosures of financial instruments in illiquid markets Consultation Paper PDF
215.36 KB
15/05/2008 08-370 Consultation paper- CESR’s/CEBS’ technical advice to the European Commission on the review of commodities business Consultation Paper PDF
483.63 KB
07/04/2008 08-094 Consultation paper- CESR’s advice on Canadian and South Korean GAAPs Consultation Paper PDF
368.05 KB
26/03/2008 08-247 Consultation paper- Common understanding of the obligations imposed by European Regulation 1781/2006 on the information on the payer accompanying funds transfers to payment service providers of payees Consultation Paper PDF
118 KB
18/02/2008 08-140 Call for evidence- CESR/ERGEG call for evidence on record keeping, transparency, supply contracts and derivatives for electricity and gas Consultation Paper PDF
940.97 KB
13/02/2008 08-036 Consultation Paper- The role of credit rating agencies in structured finance Consultation Paper PDF
293.93 KB
18/01/2008 08-064 Call for evidence- CESR/CEBS Call for Evidence on Commodities Consultation Paper PDF
656.06 KB
18/12/2007 07-761 Consultation Paper- CESR’s advice on the equivalence of Chinese, Japanese and US GAAPs Consultation Paper PDF
544.67 KB
17/12/2007 07-832 Consultation Paper- Improving the functioning of the MiFID database Consultation Paper PDF
63.25 KB
22/11/2007 07-775 Consultation Paper- 3L3 Medium Term Work Programme Consultation Paper PDF
97.98 KB
22/10/2007 07-704 Consultation paper- Draft MiFID work-programme for 2007/2008 Consultation Paper PDF
88.9 KB
16/10/2007 07-669 Consultation Paper- Content and form of Key Investor Information disclosures for UCITS Consultation Paper PDF
405.57 KB