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19/04/2010 09-1226 Feedback statement- CESR’s technical advice on the level 2 measures related to mergers of UCITS, master- feeder structures and cross-border notification of UCITS CESR Document PDF
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16/02/2009 09-123 Press release- MiFID: CESR reviews supervisory powers and practices, as well as administrative and criminal sanctioning regimes across Europe Press Release PDF
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26/02/2009 09-133 Languages accepted for the purpose of the scrutiny of the Prospectus and requirements of translation of the Summary Updated – February 2009 Final Report PDF
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10/04/2009 09-159 CESR’s response to the consultation regarding International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation Review of the Constitution Part 2 Letter PDF
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30/12/2010 09-172d Protocol on the Operation of CESR MiFID Database Reference PDF
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15/01/2010 09-175 Mapping of duties and liabilities of UCITS depositaries Final Report PDF
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27/02/2009 09-178 Guidelines- Risk management principles for UCITS CESR Document PDF
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17/02/2009 09-179 Call for evidence- Possible implementing measures of the future UCITS directive Consultation Paper PDF
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06/07/2009 09-188 Final report on CESR’s peer review of the implementation of Standard No 2 on Financial Information – Coordination of Enforcement Activities Final Report PDF
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02/06/2009 09-190 Report- 3L3 delegation task force- Delegation of responsiblities Final Report PDF
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24/02/2009 09-204 Press Release- CESR Members re-elect Eddy Wymeersch as Chair and Carlos Tavares as Vice-Chair of CESR , Press Release PDF
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06/07/2009 09-212 Summary of CESR’s self assessment of the implementation of Standard No 2 on financial information – Coordination of enforcement activities Final Report PDF
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15/05/2009 09-219 Guidelines- MAD Level 3 – Third set of CESR guidance and information on the common operation of the Directive to the market , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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15/05/2009 09-220 Feedback statement- MAD Level 3 – Third set of CESR guidance and information on the common operation of the Directive to the market CESR Document PDF
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10/04/2009 09-235 CESR’s response to EFRAGs consultation regarding IASB’s Discussion Paper- Preliminary views on Financial Statements Presentation Letter PDF
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24/03/2009 09-236 Comments regarding IASB’s Exposure Draft ED 10 Consolidated Financial Statements Letter PDF
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10/04/2009 09-240 CESR’s comments on the European Commission’s background and consultation document on the review of the Prospectus Directive Letter PDF
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16/03/2009 09-244 CESR's comment letter regarding IASB’s Exposure Draft of proposed amendments to IAS 24 Relationships with the state Letter PDF
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24/03/2009 09-252 5th extract from EECS’s database of enforcement decisions Final Report PDF
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23/03/2009 09-255 Report- The Lehman Brothers default: an assessment of the market impact Final Report PDF
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