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15/07/2021 ESMA91-372-1555 Response Form to the Consultation Paper on restrictions of dividends CCP Directorate Reference DOWNLOAD 623.77 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA 91-372-1558 Response Form to the Consultation Paper on Recovery Plan Indicators CCP Directorate Reference DOWNLOAD 624.93 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA70-156-4563 3rd Annual Report on supervisory measures and penalties under EMIR Post Trading Report DOWNLOAD 997.75 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA 32-63-365 List of decisions published from the EECS’s Database of Enforcement Financial reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 243.01 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA32-63-1192 25th Extract from the EECS’s Database of Enforcement Financial reporting Report DOWNLOAD 641.78 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA70-156-4731 Response form for the Consultation Paper on MAR Guidelines Market Abuse Reference DOWNLOAD 753.44 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA70-156-3934 Consultation Paper on MAR GLs on delay in the disclosure of inside information and interactions with prudential supervision Market Abuse Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 530.81 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA81-391-71 Letter from Chairman of EUR Risk Free Rates WG to European Commission on transition from EONIA to Euro Short Term Rate Benchmarks Letter DOWNLOAD 134.4 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA71-99-1709 Press Release - ESMA SPACs statement Investor protection, Press Releases, Prospectus Press Release DOWNLOAD 91.75 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA32-384-5209 ESMA Public Statement SPACs Investor protection, Prospectus Statement DOWNLOAD 151.59 KB
13/07/2021 ESMA70-156-4714 Statement access ETDs 2021 Trading, Post Trading Statement DOWNLOAD 79.74 KB
13/07/2021 ESMA74-362-1880 Response form on validation rules and reconciliation tolerances (002) Market data Reference DOWNLOAD 92.81 KB
13/07/2021 ESMA74-362-2087 Response_form_-_consultation_paper_on_the_guidelines_on_reporting_under_EMIR Market data Reference DOWNLOAD 781.53 KB
13/07/2021 ESMA74-362-1893 Consultation Paper Guidelines EMIR REFIT Market data Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 3.11 MB
13/07/2021 ESMA91-372-1436 Methodology for assessing a TC CCP under article 25(2c) of EMIR CCP Directorate Reference DOWNLOAD 274.52 KB
13/07/2021 ESMA02-91-3252 ESMA Final Accounts Financial Year 2020 About ESMA, About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 1.51 MB
13/07/2021 ESMA35-43-2749 ESMA Public Statement PFOF and zero-commission brokers Investor protection Statement DOWNLOAD 130.24 KB
12/07/2021 ESMA81-391-70 Call for expression of interest Working Group on Euro Risk-Free Rates Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 134.47 KB
12/07/2021 ESMA74-362-1978 Final report Technical Advice to EC on simplification and harmonisation of fees to TRs under EMIR and SFTR Market data, Post Trading, Securities Financing Transactions, Trade Repositories Final Report DOWNLOAD 278.42 KB
12/07/2021 Position Limits Position Limits Trading Opinion