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19/05/2008 08-293 Final advice- CESR’s advice on Canadian and South Korean GAAPs Final Report PDF
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19/05/2008 08-295 Press release- CESR proposes that Canadian and South Korean GAAPs be accepted in the EU until the end of 2011 Press Release PDF
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19/05/2008 08-283 3rd extract from EECS’s database of enforcement decisions Final Report PDF
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20/05/2008 08-274 Consultation paper- Market Abuse Directive Level 3 – Third set of CESR guidance and information on the common operation of the Directive to the market Consultation Paper PDF
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21/05/2008 08-363 Protocol on the operation of notifications of MiFID Article 41 suspensions and removals of financial instruments from trading Reference PDF
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21/05/2008 08-316 Use of the Criteria defined in Article 22 of the Commission Regulation (EC) No 1287/2006 to determine liquid shares Reference PDF
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23/05/2008 08-003 Finnish A Consumer's guide to MiFID- Investing in Financial products- Finnish translation Reference PDF
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23/05/2008 08-319 16th meeting of the Market Participants Consultative Panel Final Report PDF
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28/05/2008 08-278 Joint CESR/ERGEG mandate in the context of the Third Energy Package- Letter to the European Commission and their response Letter PDF
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28/05/2008 08-454 Press release- A delegation of members of the European Parliament visits CESR Press Release PDF
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30/05/2008 CESR/CEBS 07/07/08 Registration form for the public hearing on the CESR/CEBS technical advice on Commodities- London 7/07/08 Reference PDF
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13/06/2008 08-452 CESR data on prospectuses approved and passported- July 2006 to June 2007 Final Report PDF
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10/07/2008 08-539 CESR data on prospectuses approved and passported- July 2007 to December 2007 Final Report PDF
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10/07/2008 08-437 Consultation paper- CESR statement on Fair value measurement and related disclosures of financial instruments in illiquid markets Consultation Paper PDF
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10/07/2008 08-522 Press release- CESR publishes for consultation a statement on fair value measurement and related disclosures of financial instruments in illiquid markets Press Release PDF
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11/07/2008 08-543 Consultation paper- Guidelines for the prudential assessment of acquisitions and increase of holdings in the financial sector required by Directive 2007/44/EC Consultation Paper PDF
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11/07/2008 3L3 M&A PR Press release- CESR, CEBS and CEIOPS consult on joint guidelines for the assessment of mergers and aquisitions Press Release PDF
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17/07/2008 08-572 Call for evidence- Request for advice to CESR on the UCITS asset management company passport Consultation Paper PDF
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21/07/2008 08-509 Consultation paper- CESR and ERGEG advice to the European Commission in the context of the Third Energy Package Consultation Paper PDF
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21/07/2008 CESR-ERGEG PR 21/07 Press release- ERGEG and CESR consult on a proposed EU market abuse framework for energy markets Press Release PDF
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