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13/10/2021 PROC/2021/06 Negotiated procedure for Online Media Management & Monitoring Service – DEADLINE for expression of interest: 27/10/2021 – 11:59 p.m. (PROC/2021/06) Procurement CLOSED Procedure DOWNLOAD 141.36 KB
12/10/2021 ESMA82-402-683 Final Report on STS notification for synthetic securitisations Securitisation Final Report DOWNLOAD 795.09 KB
11/10/2021 ESMA22-440-223 ESMA Staff Stakeholder contacts in the third quarter 2021 About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 98.52 KB
08/10/2021 ESMA74-362-2159 ESMA as a data driven regulator and supervisor - AFME 5th Annual European Compliance and Legal Virtual Conference Market data, Trading, Market data, Post Trading, Risk monitoring, Securitisation, Speeches, Supervisory convergence, Trade Repositories, Transparency Speech DOWNLOAD 167.18 KB
05/10/2021 Newsletter ESMA Newsletter September 2021 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 3.82 MB
01/10/2021 ESMA22-106-3545 Summary of Conclusions Management Board - 3 September 2021 Management Board Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 119.82 KB
01/10/2021 ESMA35-43-1957 Compliance table - Guidelines on complex debt instruments and structured deposits (ESMA/2015/1787) Guidelines and Technical standards, Investor protection Compliance table DOWNLOAD 163.99 KB
01/10/2021 ESMA35-43-2827 Call for evidence on retail investor protection aspects Investor protection Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 357.05 KB
01/10/2021 JC 2021 34 2022 Work Programme of the Joint Committee of the European Supervisory Authorities Joint Committee Reference DOWNLOAD 648.99 KB
30/09/2021 ESMA35-43-2836 response form Response form for the Consultation Paper on Review of the MiFID II framework on best execution reports Investor protection Reference DOWNLOAD 771.39 KB
30/09/2021 ESMA80-196-5819 Opinion on improving access to and use of credit ratings Credit Rating Agencies Opinion DOWNLOAD 331.84 KB
29/09/2021 ESMA70-156-4572 MiFID II Final Report on Algorithmic Trading Trading, Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 1.94 MB
28/09/2021 ESMA22-106-3523 SMSG Advice on ESMA 2022 annual Work Programme Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 143.94 KB
28/09/2021 ESMA71-99-1735 ESMA Work Programme 2022 Board of Supervisors, About ESMA, Management Board, About ESMA, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 89.19 KB
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28/09/2021 ESMA20-95-1430 2022 Annual Work Programme Board of Supervisors, About ESMA, Management Board, About ESMA Report DOWNLOAD 589.43 KB
28/09/2021 ESMA70-156-4871 Keynote speech Natasha Cazenave - FIA IDX conference, 27 September 2021 Benchmarks, Brexit, Trading, Post Trading, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 64.86 KB
28/09/2021 ESMA50-167-2758 Call for expressions of interest: Group of Economic Advisers for ESMA’s Committee for Economic and Markets Analysis Risk monitoring Reference DOWNLOAD 164.28 KB
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28/09/2021 ESMA50-167-2758 AF Application form - CEMA GEA renewal 2021 Risk monitoring Reference DOWNLOAD 36.39 KB
24/09/2021 ESMA70-156-4963 Letter - ESMA to EC on CSDR settlement discipline Post Trading Letter DOWNLOAD 191.34 KB
24/09/2021 ESMA70-156-3914 Response form - Consultation Paper on the review of certain aspects of the SSR Short Selling Reference DOWNLOAD 751.38 KB