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10/11/2021 ESMA35-42-1183 Draft technical standards under the European crowdfunding service providers for business Regulation Crowdfunding, Investor protection Final Report DOWNLOAD 1.43 MB
05/11/2021 PROC/2021/15 Low and middle value tender for « Maintenance des systems de securité physique» – Deadline: 12/11/2021 – 11:59 a.m. (PROC/2021/15) Procurement CLOSED Procedure DOWNLOAD 139.47 KB
04/11/2021 Newsletter ESMA Newsletter October 2021 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 6.29 MB
03/11/2021 ESMA71-99-1749 Press_Release_New Chair_Ross November FINAL Board of Supervisors, About ESMA, Joint Committee, Management Board, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 81.42 KB
29/10/2021 ESMA35-43-1430 Compliance table on Guidelines on MiFID II suitability requirements Guidelines and Technical standards, Investor protection Compliance table DOWNLOAD 145.3 KB
29/10/2021 ESMA81-459-11 Minutes of the euro risk-free rates WG meeting 29/09/2021 Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 219.45 KB
29/10/2021 ESMA71-99-1751 Press Release - European enforcers target COVID-19 and climate-related disclosures Issuer disclosure, Audit, Financial reporting, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 97.63 KB
29/10/2021 ESMA32-63-1186 Public Statement on the European Common Enforcement Priorities 2021 Issuer disclosure, Audit, Financial reporting Statement DOWNLOAD 151.59 KB
28/10/2021 ESMA35-36-2319 EN Joint EBA and ESMA Guidelines on the assessment of the suitability of members of the management body and key function holders Guidelines and Technical standards, Joint Committee, Investor protection Guidelines & Recommendations DOWNLOAD 584.29 KB
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28/10/2021 ESMA71-99-1752 Press Release - ESMA addresses investment recommendations made on social media platforms Market Integrity, Investor protection, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 445.71 KB
28/10/2021 ESMA70-154-2780 ESMA’s Statement on Investment Recommendations on Social Media Market Integrity, Investor protection Statement DOWNLOAD 106.19 KB
27/10/2021 ESMA32-67-791 Letter to IFRS IC on classification of SPAC shares as equity or liability (IAS 32) Audit, Financial reporting, Investor protection, Prospectus Letter DOWNLOAD 223.92 KB
26/10/2021 ESMA34-49-373 Compliance table on Revised Guidelines on stress tests scenarios under Article 28 of the MMF Regulation ESMA 34-49-291 Fund Management, Guidelines and Technical standards Compliance table DOWNLOAD 220.66 KB
25/10/2021 ESMA70-151-995 Key relevant provisions of the corporate or similar law of a Member State, under which securities are constituted Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 1.86 MB
22/10/2021 AFM/1 Consumer testing AFM report Sustainable finance Report DOWNLOAD 2.75 MB
22/10/2021 SGH/1 Consumer testing SGH report Sustainable finance Report DOWNLOAD 2.08 MB
22/10/2021 JC 2021 50 Final report on taxonomy-related product disclosure RTS Joint Committee, Sustainable finance Final Report DOWNLOAD 1.62 MB
21/10/2021 ESMA91-372-1783 20211021_EACH CCP Risk Management Summit Speech CCP Directorate Speech DOWNLOAD 117.53 KB
21/10/2021 JC 2021 61 Call for evidence on the European Commission mandate regarding the PRIIPs Regulation Fund Management, Joint Committee Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 844.1 KB
18/10/2021 ESMA42-110-3265 Report on the independence of National Competent Authorities Supervisory convergence Report DOWNLOAD 458.92 KB