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21/10/2004 04-542 Press release- CESR consults on the concepts it will use to measure equivalence between third countries GAAP and IAS/IFRS Press Release PDF
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21/10/2004 04-534 Press release- CESR and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announce the launch of a Trans-Atlantic Co-operation Initiative and set out a ‘Statement of Intent to Develop an Action Plan on Cross Border Issues’ Press Release PDF
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21/10/2004 04-551 Press release- EU Regulators respond to rapid integration in Europe’s financial markets heralded by the measures introduced by the Financial Services Action Plan with progress on 4 key initiatives Press Release PDF
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22/10/2004 04-547 Press release- Approval of the report entitled “Standards for securities clearing and settlement in the European Union” by the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) and the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR) Press Release PDF
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25/10/2004 04-570 Press release- CESR consults on an analytical report “Which supervisory tools for the EU securities markets?” Press Release PDF
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28/10/2004 04-578 Press release- CESR publishes its Advice on Possible Implementing Measures of the Transparency Directive Press Release PDF
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28/10/2004 04-579 Press release- CESR launches a Call for Evidence on possible modifications of the UCITS Directive Press Release PDF
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28/10/2004 04-588 Press release- CESR publishes a paper entitled 'The Role of CESR at “Level 3” Under the Lamfalussy Process' Press Release PDF
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28/10/2004 04-545 Press release- CESR consults on how best to facilitate the Implmentation of the Market Abuse Directive Press Release PDF
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28/10/2004 04-587 Press release- CESR works towards greater clarity for investors and market participants and increasing consistency in supervisory practice with the announcement of 4 initiatives Press Release PDF
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04/11/2004 04-593 Press release- CESR publishes the results of investigations of mis-practises in the European investment fund industry Press Release PDF
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30/11/2004 04-638 Press release- CESR publishes a technical advice to the European Commission on possible measures concerning credit rating agencies Press Release PDF
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13/12/2004 04-669 Press release- CESR sets out consultation on better transparency of voting rights and financial information from foreign issuers Press Release PDF
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03/02/2005 05-079 Press release- CESR Submits its technical advice to the European Commission on the first set of mandates under the Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID) Press Release PDF
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03/02/2005 05-076 Press release- CESR publishes the final concept paper which sets out the principles it will use to guide them in establishing the equivalence between third countries' GAAP and IAS/IFRS Press Release PDF
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03/02/2005 05-058 Press release- CESR publishes final guidelines for supervisors regarding the transitional provisions of the amending UCITS Directives Press Release PDF
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10/02/2005 05-091 Press release- CESR’s recommendations for the consistent implementation of the European Commission’s Regulation on Prospectuses nº 809/2004 Press Release PDF
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14/02/2005 05-096 Press release- The US CFTC and CESR meet to facilitate Transatlantic Derivatives Business and to appoint Task Force to develop further efforts Press Release PDF
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03/03/2005 05-163 Press Release- CESR Final Consultation on Best Execution and Transparency Requirement under the MiFID Press Release PDF
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18/03/2005 05-172 Press release- CESR launches a consultation on its draft advice to the European Commission on the eligible assets of UCITS Press Release PDF
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