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29/11/2013 2013/998 DE Leitlinien für das Muster-MoU über Konsultation und Kooperation sowie den Austausch von Informationen im Zusammenhang mit der Beaufsichtigung von AIFMD-Unternehmen , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 EL Κατευθυντήριες γραμμές σχετικά με το υπόδειγμα ΜΣ για τη διαβούλευση, τη συνεργασία και την ανταλλαγή πληροφοριών όσον αφορά την εποπτεία των οντοτήτων της οδηγίας ΔΟΕΕ , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 HU Iránymutatások az ABAK-irányelv hatálya alá tartozó jogalanyok felügyeletével kapcsolatos konzultációról, együttműködésről és információcseréről szóló egyetértési megállapodás mintájához , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 IT Orientamenti sul modello di protocollo d’intesa in materia di consultazione, cooperazione e scambio di informazioni concernenti la vigilanza dei soggetti di cui alla direttiva GEFIA , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 LV Pamatnostādnes saprašanās paraugmemorandam par konsultācijām, sadarbību un informācijas apmaiņu saistībā ar alternatīvo ieguldījumu fondu pārvaldnieku (AIFP) struktūru , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 LT Gairės dėl pavyzdinio susitarimo memorandumo dėl konsultavimosi, bendradarbiavimo ir keitimosi informacija vykdant AIFV direktyvoje nustatytų subjektų priežiūrą , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 MT Linji gwida dwar il-mudell tal-MtQ dwar konsultazzjoni, kooperazzjoni u l-iskambju ta’ informazzjoni relatati mas-superviżjoni ta’ entitajiet tal-AIFMD , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 PL Wytyczne dotyczące modelowego protokołu ustaleń w sprawie konsultacji, współpracy i wymiany informacji związanych z nadzorem nad podmiotami, których dotyczy dyrektywa w sprawie ZAFI , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 PT Orientações relativas ao modelo de MoU sobre consulta, cooperação e troca de informações relacionadas com a supervisão das entidades referidas na Diretiva AIFM , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 RO 28.11.13 | ESMA/2013/998 Orientări referitoare la modelul de memorandum de înţelegere privind consultarea, cooperarea şi schimbul de informaţii în legătură cu supravegherea entităţilor prevăzute de DAFIA , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 SK 28.11.13 | ESMA/2013/998 Usmernenia o vzorovom memorande o porozumení o konzultáciách, spolupráci a výmene informácií v súvislosti s dohľadom nad subjektmi, na ktoré sa vzťahuje smernica o správcoch alternatívnych investičných fondov , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 ES 28.11.13 | ESMA/2013/998 Directrices sobre el modelo de memorando de acuerdo relativo a la consulta, la cooperación y el intercambio de información en lo que respecta a la supervisión de las entidades de la DGFIA , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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29/11/2013 2013/998 SV Riktlinjer för mall för samförståndsavtal om samråd, samarbete och informationsutbyte i samband med övervakning av enheter enligt AIFM-direktivet , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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31/01/2014 2013/232 HR Guidelines on sound remuneration policies under the AIFMD , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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24/03/2014 2014/294 Final Report on Revision of Guidelines ETFs and other UCITS issues , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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Reasons for publication In December 2012, ESMA published the guidelines on ETFs and other UCITS issues (ESMA/2012/832) (hereafter the guidelines). Since the entry into force of the guidelines on 18 February 2013, ESMA has been asked by stakeholders on numerous occasions to reconsider its position on the requirements on collateral diversification (paragraph 43(e) of the guidelines) on the basis that they have a significant adverse impact on UCITS’s collateral management policies. Stakeholders drew particular attention to the consequences for money market funds that place cash into reverse repurchase agreements. On 20 December 2013, ESMA published a consultation paper (ESMA/2013/1974) in which the Authority set out proposed amendments to paragraph 43(e) of the guidelines. Contents Annex I of this final report sets out ESMA’s position on collateral management by UCITS. The guidelines in Annex I modify the rules on collateral diversification in paragraph 43(e) of the existing guidelines and introduce some further consequential changes. Next steps The guidelines in Annex I of this report will be translated into the official EU languages and published on the ESMA website. The publication of the translations will trigger a two-month period during which NCAs must notify ESMA whether they comply or intend to comply with the guidelines.
27/03/2014 2014/332 Structured Retail Products- Good practices for product governance arrangements , Opinion PDF
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Legal basis 1.    Regulation (EU) No 1095/2010 (ESMA Regulation)  sets out the European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA) scope of action, tasks and powers which include “enhancing customer protection”, and “foster[ing] investor protection”.  2.    In order to continue delivering on this investor protection statutory objective, ESMA is issuing this opinion on certain aspects linked to the manufacturing and distribution of structured retail products (SRP). This opinion takes into account relevant work done in this field both at European and interna-tional level.  3.    This opinion is without prejudice to the requirements for the provision of investment services and activities established in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)  and its implementing measures (notably, Directive 2006/73/EC), the regulatory developments arising from the MiFID review or existing product rules that may apply to SRPs.  4.    ESMA’s competence to deliver an opinion is based on Article 29(1) (a) of the ESMA Regulation. In accordance with Article 44(1) of the ESMA Regulation, the Board of Supervisors has adopted this opinion. Background 5.    In its July 2013 report on ‘Retailisation in the EU’ , ESMA highlighted that, from a consumer protec-tion perspective, retail investors may face difficulties in understanding the drivers of risks and returns of structured products. If retail investors do not properly understand the risk and reward profile of structured products, and if the products are not properly assessed against the risk appetite of retail investors, retail investors might be exposed to unexpected losses and this might lead to complaints, reputational risks for manufacturers and distributors, and a loss of confidence in the regulatory framework and, more broadly, in financial markets. 6.    In 2013, ESMA mapped the measures adopted in the EU Member States in relation to complex products in order to identify issues and to better understand the rationale behind national initiatives (by looking at similarities and differences in the various approaches, and reviewing how complexity has been treated in the different EU Members States). 7.    As a result, ESMA has developed a broad set of non-exhaustive examples of good practices, attached as Annex 1 hereto, illustrating arrangements that firms - taking into account the nature, scale and complexity of their business - could put in place to improve their ability to deliver on investor protection regarding, in particular, (i) the complexity of the SRPs they manufacture or distribute, (ii) the nature and range of the investment services and activities undertaken in the course of that business, and (iii) the type of investors they target. These good practices should also be a helpful tool for competent authorities in carrying out their supervisory action. Opinion 8.    ESMA considers that sound product governance arrangements are fundamental for investor protec-tion purposes, and can reduce the need for product intervention actions by competent authorities. 9.    ESMA considers that, when supervising firms manufacturing or distributing an SRP, competent authorities should promote, in their supervisory approaches, the examples of good practices for firms set out in Annex 1 hereto. 10.    Although the good practices set out in Annex 1 hereto focus on structured products sold to retail investors, ESMA considers that they may also be a relevant reference for other types of financial in-struments (such as asset-backed securities, or contingent convertible bonds), as well as when financial instruments are being sold to professional clients. 11.    The exposure to risk is an intrinsic feature of investment products. The good practices set out in Annex 1 refer to product governance arrangements and do not (and cannot) aim at removing investment risk from products.
27/03/2014 2014/312 Technical advice to the European Commission on the information that competent authorities should provide to ESMA pursuant to Article 67(3) of the AIFMD Technical Advice PDF
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Reasons for publication ESMA is issuing this technical advice in response to the mandate received from the European Commission on 20 December 2013 for advice on the possible content of the delegated act required by Article 67(5) of the AIFMD, concerning the information that EU competent authorities have to provide quarterly to ESMA pursuant to Article 67(3) of the Directive. This information is needed in order to allow ESMA to produce the opinion and the advice required in Article 67(1) of the AIFMD, in relation to the possible extension of the AIFMD passport to non-EU AIFs and non-EU AIFMs. Contents Section II describes the background of the proposal. Section III specifies the timing for the provision of the information to ESMA and lists the information that the competent authorities should provide quarterly to ESMA. The list of information is divided into three parts: the first refers to the information about the functioning of the passport for EU AIFMs; the second deals with the functioning of the national private placement regime for non-EU AIFs and non-EU AIFMs; and the third refers to the issues arising from the functioning of both systems. Finally, Section IV reproduces the mandate for advice issued by the European Commission. Next steps ESMA will cooperate closely with the European Commission in order to facilitate an expeditious adoption of the delegated act required by Article 67(5) of the AIFMD.
01/08/2014 2014/937 Guidelines on ETFs and other UCITS issues , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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This is an update of the guidelines originally published in 2012.  The new version of the guidelines modifies the original provision on diversification of collateral received by UCITS in the context of efficient portfolio management techniques and over-the-counter financial derivative transactions.
01/08/2014 2014/937 bg Насоки относно борсово търгуваните фондове (ETF) и въпросите за ПКИПЦ , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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This is an update of the guidelines originally published in 2012.  The new version of the guidelines modifies the original provision on diversification of collateral received by UCITS in the context of efficient portfolio management techniques and over-the-counter financial derivative transactions.
01/08/2014 2014/937 hr Smjernice o investicijskim fondovima čijim se dionicama trguje na burzi (ETF-ovima) i drugim pitanjima u vezi s UCITS fondovima (subjektima za zajednička ulaganja u prenosive vrijednosne papire) , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
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This is an update of the guidelines originally published in 2012.  The new version of the guidelines modifies the original provision on diversification of collateral received by UCITS in the context of efficient portfolio management techniques and over-the-counter financial derivative transactions.