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16/03/2009 09-047 Consultation paper- Technical issues relating to Key Information Document (KID) disclosures for UCITS Consultation Paper PDF
602.67 KB
19/07/2010 10-610 Consultation paper- Standardisation and exchange trading of OTC derivatives Consultation Paper PDF
288.76 KB
19/08/2008 08-616 Consultation paper- Risk management principles for UCITS Consultation Paper PDF
112.74 KB
24/08/2007 07-394 Extended Consultation paper- Questionnaire on the rating of structured finance instruments- Extended deadline Consultation Paper PDF
84.49 KB
22/06/2007 07-394 Consultation paper- Questionnaire on the rating of structured finance instruments Consultation Paper PDF
84.6 KB
20/10/2006 06-551 Consultation Paper- Publication and Consolidation of MiFID Market Transparency Consultation Paper PDF
197.45 KB
31/01/2006 06-025 Consultation paper- Possible implementing measures of the Transparency Directive, Storage of regulated information and filing of regulated information Consultation Paper PDF
1.12 MB
10/05/2007 07-284 Consultation paper- Non-equity transparency Consultation Paper PDF
189.64 KB
14/05/2009 09-295 Consultation paper- MiFID complex and non-complex financial instruments for the purposes of the Directive’s appropriateness requirements Consultation Paper PDF
530.01 KB
22/12/2006 06-687 Consultation paper- Inducements under MiFID Consultation Paper PDF
163.83 KB
13/04/2007 07-228 Consultation paper- Inducements under MiFID Consultation Paper PDF
157.78 KB
17/12/2007 07-832 Consultation Paper- Improving the functioning of the MiFID database Consultation Paper PDF
63.25 KB
24/05/2007 07-089 Consultation Paper- Impact Assessment Guidelines for EU Level 3 Committees Consultation Paper PDF
402.13 KB
20/07/2010 10-530 Consultation paper- Guidelines on the selection and presentation of performance scenarios in the Key Investor Information document for structured UCITS Consultation Paper PDF
171.6 KB
20/07/2010 10-672 Consultation paper- Guidelines for the transition from the Simplified Prospectus to the Key Investor Information document Consultation Paper PDF
140.16 KB
11/07/2008 08-543 Consultation paper- Guidelines for the prudential assessment of acquisitions and increase of holdings in the financial sector required by Directive 2007/44/EC Consultation Paper PDF
221.3 KB
17/05/2010 10-536 Consultation paper- Guidance on the Enforcement Practices and Activities to be Conducted under Article 21.3(a) of the Regulation Consultation Paper PDF
205.65 KB
21/10/2009 09-955 Consultation paper- Guidance on Registration Process, Functioning of Colleges, Mediation Protocol, Information set out in Annex II, Information set for the application for Certification and for the assessment of CRAs systemic importance Consultation Paper PDF
668.56 KB
17/05/2010 10-537 Consultation paper- Guidance on Common Standards for Assessment of Compliance of Credit Rating Methodologies with the Requirements set out in Article 8(3) Consultation Paper PDF
214.09 KB
08/09/2005 05-483c Consultation paper- Establishement of a Mediation Mechanism Consultation Paper PDF
153.07 KB