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29/07/2010 10-697 CESR report on trends, risks and vulnerabilities in financial markets Final Report PDF
3.32 MB
28/07/2010 10-903 Press release- CESR sets out final guidelines on risk measurement and the calculation of global exposure and counterparty risk for UCITS Press Release PDF
80.28 KB
26/07/2010 10-928 Central Repository (CEREP) reporting requirements Final Report PDF
51.53 KB
16/07/2010 10-901 CESR Members elect the Chair and Vice Chair of CESR to lead the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR) Press Release PDF
136.04 KB
13/07/2010 10-834 8th Extract from EECS’s Database of Enforcement Decisions Final Report PDF
161.13 KB
05/07/2010 10-567 22nd meeting of the Market Participants Consultative Panel Final Report PDF
123.41 KB
18/06/2010 10-766 CESR Annual Report for 2009 Annual Report PDF
4.59 MB
26/05/2010 10-453 Report- Technical details of the pan-European short selling disclosure regime Final Report PDF
139.92 KB
25/05/2010 10-633 Press release- CESR intensifies co-ordination in the light of recent market volatility in euro denominated debt instruments Press Release PDF
96.81 KB
21/05/2010 10-332 Final advice- Technical Advice to the European Commission on the Equivalence between the US Regulatory and Supervisory Framework and the EU Regulatory Regime for Credit Rating Agencies Final Report PDF
3.57 MB
19/05/2010 10-575 Press release- CESR sets out harmonised definition of European money market funds Press Release PDF
94.89 KB
07/05/2010 10-594 Press release- CESR to take a coordinated effort to respond to the recent market turmoil Press Release PDF
95.96 KB
19/04/2010 10-295 Report- Inducements: good and poor practices Final Report PDF
864.96 KB
13/04/2010 10-423 Press release- CESR begins the process to overhaul MiFID by consulting on policy options Press Release PDF
212.69 KB
06/04/2010 10-262 Press release: Market Abuse Directive – CESR reviews options and discretions Press Release PDF
159.27 KB
06/04/2010 09-1120 Final report: Market Abuse Directive –options and discretions Final Report PDF
1.23 MB
11/03/2010 10-282 Data on Prospectuses approved and passported in the EU from July 2009 to December 2009 Final Report PDF
131.46 KB
02/03/2010 10-088 Final report- CESR model for a pan-European short selling disclosure regime Final Report PDF
247.46 KB
02/03/2010 10-298 Press release- CESR recommends the European Institutions introduce a pan-European short selling disclosure regime Press Release PDF
140.96 KB
29/01/2010 09-1034 Peer Review of the Implementation of CESR’s Guidelines to simplify the notification procedure of UCITS Final Report PDF
678.63 KB