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ESMA74-449133380-441 ESMA clarifies timeline for MiCA and encourages market participants and NCAs to start preparing for the transition Digital Finance and Innovation Statement DOWNLOAD 200.4 KB
2023 Calendar Executive Director 2023 Calendar of the Executive Director of ESMA About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 206.84 KB
ESMA91-372-2811 Opinion on CCP backtesting CCP Opinion DOWNLOAD 214.39 KB
ESMA70-872942901-38 Questions and Answers on MiFID II and MiFIR market structures topics Trading Q&A DOWNLOAD 738.72 KB
ESMA91-1505572268-3317 Report extending emergency measures on CCP collateral requirements CCP Report DOWNLOAD 294.12 KB
ESMA91-2145765636-9264 Consultation paper on Tier 1 CCPs fees - Response form CCP Reference DOWNLOAD 661.75 KB
ESMA91-2145765636-8277 Consultation Paper on Draft Technical advice to the European Commission on fees charged to Tier 1 Third-Country CCPs under EMIR CCP Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 550.2 KB
ESMA74-2134169708-6975 Supervisory Briefing on Circuit Breakers Risk monitoring, Trading Report DOWNLOAD 738.19 KB
ESMA24-229244789-4580 SMSG Advice on the Consultation Paper on Technical Standards specifying certain requirements of the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA) Digital Finance and Innovation, Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 198.84 KB
ESMA50-2085271018-3351 TRV Article - Decentralised Finance: A categorisation of smart contracts Digital Finance and Innovation, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 353.39 KB
ESMA50-2085271018-3349 TRV Article - Decentralised Finance in the EU: Developments and risks Digital Finance and Innovation, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 791.99 KB
ESMA22-1669215091-5388 Summary of Conclusions SMSG - 6 July 2023 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 251.37 KB
ESMA Newsletter Newsletter September 2023 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 4.83 MB
ESMA32-193237008-3394 List of decisions - including 28th extract Financial reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 122.66 KB
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ESMA71-545613100-2367 Verena Ross' speech at the Joint ESAs Consumer Protection Day 2023, 9 October 2023 Investor protection, Joint Committee, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 56.47 KB
ESMA50-524821-2938 TRV Article: The European sustainable debt market – do issuers benefit from an ESG pricing effect? Risk monitoring, Sustainable finance Report DOWNLOAD 528.2 KB
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MiCA MiCA white papers PoC Digital Finance and Innovation Reference
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In order to allow market participants to familiarise themselves with Inline XBRL, ESMA makes available a Proof of Concept (PoC) illustrating a concrete application of the proposed format requirements included in the draft Implementing Technical Standard (ITS) on forms, formats and templates for the crypto-asset white papers under Regulation (EU) 2023/1114 (MiCA)[1] currently in consultation[2].

The PoC includes:

  • A draft taxonomy (covering only a section of a crypto-asset white paper) which would be made available by ESMA
  • An xHTML file (also containing XBRL tags), which illustrates what a section of a crypto-asset white paper in Inline XBRL would look like
  • An Excel converter into Inline XBRL, which displays how it would be possible to create an Inline XBRL file without the use of complicated software tools (in this case, using a simple Macro in an editable Excel)

Stakeholders are invited to download the Excel converter (content may need to be enabled) and test how it can be easily customised by including new content in column “C”  and transformed into an Inline XBRL document by clicking on the “Generate iXBRL output” icon. This will generate a new xHTML document reflecting the edited content.

Please note the following when viewing this PoC:

  • These documents are solely for the purposes of the PoC. ESMA publishes this material in order to inform the public as to how the crypto-asset white papers could work if Inline XBRL is adopted as format and to provide the opportunity for feedback in the framework of the abovementioned consultation process for the development of the draft ITS on forms, formats and templates for the crypto-asset white papers[3].
  • ESMA does not accept liability or responsibility in relation to the published material as the purpose of the PoC is to showcase how a simple Excel file can be converted into a machine readable Inline XBRL document.
  • As the PoC is to assist in determining how to best develop the draft ITS on forms, formats and templates for the crypto-asset white papers, the requirements that will be included in the ESMA final draft of such ITS might differ from the draft rules that were applied to prepare this PoC.  Moreover, the draft ITS that ESMA will submit to the European Commission may be subject, among other things, to amendments by the European Commission, that will adopt the relevant Commission Implementing Regulation on forms, formats and templates for the crypto-asset white papers. Therefore, the published material is not and may not be considered to provide guidance on or interpretation of any legal acts of any source whatsoever. No party should attempt to infer how a crypto-asset white paper should be prepared from the published material or the manner of its presentation.



[1] Regulation (EU) 2023/1114 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 May 2023 on markets in crypto-assets, and amending Regulations (EU) No 1093/2010 and (EU) No 1095/2010 and Directives 2013/36/EU and (EU) 2019/1937 (OJ L 150, 9.6.2023, p. 40).

[3] According to Articles 6(11), 19(10) and 51(11) of MiCA ESMA, in cooperation with EBA, shall develop draft implementing technical standards to establish standard forms, formats and templates for the crypto-asset white paper shall be made available in a machine-readable format.

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