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10/05/2023 ESMA22-439-1185 Letter to the European Commission on Prioritisation of 2023 ESMA deliverables About ESMA Letter DOWNLOAD 226.98 KB
05/05/2023 ESMA42-646012687-331 ESMA Guidelines About ESMA, Guidelines and Technical standards Reference DOWNLOAD 70.87 KB
05/05/2023 ESMA30-1668416927-2473 Natasha Cazenave's speech at AFME 2nd Annual Sustainable Finance Conference, 4 May 2023 Speeches, Sustainable finance Speech DOWNLOAD 315.17 KB
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05/05/2023 Register of crowdfunding services providers Register of crowdfunding services providers Crowdfunding Reference DOWNLOAD 93.68 KB
05/05/2023 Net short thresholds Net short position notification thresholds for sovereign issuers Short Selling Reference DOWNLOAD 28.21 KB
04/05/2023 ESMA81-1071567537-91 Guidance on EURIBOR Fallbacks for Corporate Lending products Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 305.01 KB
03/05/2023 ESMA22-106-4554 Summary of conclusions Board of Supervisors - 16 March 2023 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 195.84 KB
03/05/2023 ESMA70-155-13072 Opinion on position limits on Milling Wheat Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 381.35 KB
03/05/2023 ESMA70-155-13070 Opinion on position limits on RAPESEED contract Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 368.54 KB
03/05/2023 ESMA70-155-13071 Opinion on position limits on CORN contract Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 369.41 KB
03/05/2023 ESMA81-1071567537-90 Comparative Table of Available Term €STR Rates Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 245.03 KB
02/05/2023 ESMA70-152-348 List of third-country CCPs recognised to offer services and activities in the Union CCP, Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 566.2 KB
27/04/2023 ESMA91-372-1960 EMIR college composition CCP Reference DOWNLOAD 232.12 KB
26/04/2023 ESMA22-106-4508 Summary of conclusions joint meeting of the BoS and the SMSG - 27 January 2023 Board of Supervisors, Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 182.54 KB
25/04/2023 JC 2023 07 Joint Committee Spring 2023 Report on Risks and Vulnerabilities Joint Committee, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 584.94 KB
25/04/2023 ESMA50-165-2478 Over 140,000 EEA issuers and instruments rated by CRAs - Press Release Credit Rating Agencies, Market data, Risk monitoring Press Release DOWNLOAD 152.69 KB
25/04/2023 ESMA50-165-2477 Market Report on EU Credit Ratings market 2023 Credit Rating Agencies, Market data, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 1.23 MB
21/04/2023 ESMA Chair calendar 2023 Calendar of the Chair of ESMA About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 218.28 KB
20/04/2023 ESMA22-106-4524 Summary of Conclusions SMSG - 27 January 2023 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 170.47 KB
20/04/2023 ESMA91-372-2798 Klaus Löber's speech at the Eurex Derivatives Forum on CCP supervision in challenging times, 22 March 2023 CCP, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 146.39 KB