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20/12/2022 ESMA74-362-2683 EMIR REFIT validation rules reconciliation tolerances and template for notifications of DQ issues Market data, Trade Repositories Reference DOWNLOAD 111.54 KB
20/12/2022 ESMA74-362-2281 Final report on the Guidelines for reporting under EMIR Guidelines and Technical standards, Market data, Trade Repositories Final Report DOWNLOAD 3.19 MB
19/12/2022 ESMA70-156-6261 Opinion on RTS 1 and 2 amendments Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 2.49 MB
19/12/2022 ESMA50-165-2155 TRV Article - Operational resilience for financial institutions CCP Directorate, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 392.1 KB
16/12/2022 ESMA34-32-352 Q&A on the Application of the AIFMD Fund Management, Supervisory convergence Q&A DOWNLOAD 712.91 KB
16/12/2022 ESMA35-42-1088 Q&A on the European crowdfunding service providers for business Regulation Crowdfunding Q&A DOWNLOAD 325.4 KB
16/12/2022 ESMA70-872942901-38 Questions and Answers on MiFID II and MiFIR market structures topics Trading Q&A DOWNLOAD 565.35 KB
16/12/2022 ESMA22-106-4248 Summary of Conclusions SMSG - 5 October 2022 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 194.5 KB
15/12/2022 ESMA80-416-1564 Report on CRA Market Share Calculation 2022 Credit Rating Agencies Report DOWNLOAD 471.76 KB
15/12/2022 ESMA-50-165-2336 Statistical Report on EU Prospectuses - 2022 Prospectus, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 411.83 KB
15/12/2022 ESMA31-67-535 Practical Guide on notifications of major holdings under the Transparency Directive About ESMA, Issuer disclosure, Transparency Reference DOWNLOAD 1022.57 KB
15/12/2022 ESMA 70-460-206 Final Report on DLTR GL on application for permission Innovation and Digital, Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 475.59 KB
15/12/2022 ESMA71-99-2071 ESMA appoints new member to its Management Board - Press Release Management Board, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 141.48 KB
14/12/2022 ESMA35-43-3444 Deprioritisation of supervisory actions on the obligation to publish RTS 27 Investor protection Statement DOWNLOAD 44.68 KB
14/12/2022 ESMA35-36-2780 Supervisory briefing - Supervision of cross-border activities of investment firms Investor protection Report DOWNLOAD 233.78 KB
14/12/2022 ESMA ED Calendar 2022 calendar of the Executive Director of ESMA About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 171.24 KB
13/12/2022 ESMA Newsletter Newsletter November 2022 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 11.74 MB
06/02/2023 ESMA35-43-1410 Contact points of national supervisory authorities for communication in the MiFID II framework on supervisory cooperation, authorisation, acquisitions and passporting Investor protection Reference DOWNLOAD 270.52 KB
12/12/2022 JC 2022 66 Joint Committee advice on the review of the securitisation prudential framework - Banking Joint Committee Report DOWNLOAD 2.1 MB
12/12/2022 JC 2022 67 Joint Committee advice on the review of the securitisation prudential framework - Insurance Joint Committee Report DOWNLOAD 1.66 MB