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02/02/2009 09-074 Call for evidence on the technical standards to identify and classify OTC derivative instruments for TREM; CESR's transaction reporting exchange mechanism Consultation Paper PDF
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29/06/2004 04-305 Call for evidence regarding the European Commission’s mandates on equivalence between certain third countries’ application of GAAP and IAS/IFRS Consultation Paper PDF
139.41 KB
29/06/2004 04-284 Call for evidence regarding the European Commission’s mandates on the Transparency Directive Consultation Paper PDF
175.27 KB
20/01/2004 04-021 Call for Evidence- CESR starts work on EU Commission provisional mandates on the new Investment Services Directive- the Financial Instruments Markets (FIM) Directive Consultation Paper PDF
354.69 KB
The European Commission published today its first set of provisional mandates requesting CESR
18/01/2008 08-064 Call for evidence- CESR/CEBS Call for Evidence on Commodities Consultation Paper PDF
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18/02/2008 08-140 Call for evidence- CESR/ERGEG call for evidence on record keeping, transparency, supply contracts and derivatives for electricity and gas Consultation Paper PDF
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24/03/2006 06-134 Call for evidence- Consolidation of Market Transparency Data Consultation Paper PDF
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14/09/2011 2011/288 Call for evidence- Empty voting , , Consultation Paper PDF
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19/06/2006 06-078 Call for evidence- Evaluation of the supervisory functioning of the EU market abuse regime Consultation Paper PDF
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03/06/2005 05-384 Call for evidence- Formal Mandate to CESR for technical advice on a possible amendment to the requirements in Commission Regulation (EC) 809/2004 regarding the historical financial information which must be included in a prospectus Consultation Paper PDF
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03/11/2008 08-872 Call for evidence- Impact of MiFID on secondary markets functioning Consultation Paper PDF
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03/12/2010 10-1459 Call for evidence- Implementing measures on the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive Consultation Paper PDF
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13/04/2007 07-241 Call for evidence- Key Investor Disclosures under UCITS Consultation Paper PDF
553.06 KB
28/07/2005 05-493 Call for evidence- Mandate to CESR regarding technical advice on possible implementing measures concerning the Transparency Directive Storage of regulated information and filing of regulated information Consultation Paper PDF
580.37 KB
01/04/2010 10-142 Call for evidence- Micro-structural issues of the European equity markets Consultation Paper PDF
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06/02/2007 07-108 Call for evidence- non-equities markets transparency Consultation Paper PDF
134.59 KB
CESR is inviting all interested parties to submit their views regarding transparency on bond markets. CESR would like to point out that, as indicated by the request, the purpose of CESR work is not to duplicate the work of the Commission. Therefore there is no need to re-submit those responses which were sent to the Commission. CESR's response is requested by the end of June 2007. As part of its work, CESR intends to organise a public consultation together with a public hearing. An indicative work-plan for preparing CESR's response is attached (see Annex 2). The closing date for contributions is Tuesday 6 March 2007.
13/11/2006 06-515 Call for Evidence- on the supervisory functioning of the Prospectus Directive and Regulation Consultation Paper PDF
67.12 KB
13/07/2007 07-487 Call for evidence- Possible CESR Level 3 work on the Transparency Directive Consultation Paper PDF
70.16 KB
17/02/2009 09-179 Call for evidence- Possible implementing measures of the future UCITS directive Consultation Paper PDF
405.32 KB
13/04/2007 07-214 Call for evidence- Questionnaire on Simplified Prospectus for retail investors Consultation Paper PDF
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