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23/06/2009 09-627 Press release- ESCB and CESR issue recommendations to increase safety and soundness of the post-trading infrastructure in the EU Press Release PDF
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10/06/2009 09-548 Press release- CESR assesses impact of MiFID on the functioning of equity secondary markets Press Release PDF
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06/07/2009 09-528 Press release- CESR assesses implementation of its Standard No. 2 on financial information on the co-ordination of enforcement activities Press Release PDF
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01/07/2009 09-520 Press Release- Transparency Directive: CESR maps coherence, equivalence and variance of supervisory powers and sanctioning regimes across Europe Press Release PDF
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31/03/2009 09-300 Press release- ESCB/ CESR consult on draft recommendations for central counterparties as amended for OTC derivatives Press Release PDF
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24/02/2009 09-204 Press Release- CESR Members re-elect Eddy Wymeersch as Chair and Carlos Tavares as Vice-Chair of CESR , Press Release PDF
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16/02/2009 09-123 Press release- MiFID: CESR reviews supervisory powers and practices, as well as administrative and criminal sanctioning regimes across Europe Press Release PDF
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07/12/2009 09-1196 Press Release- CESR gathers international supervisors to discuss worldwide enforcement of IFRS Press Release PDF
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02/11/2009 09-1037 Press release- CESR analysis sees room for better compliance with IFRS disclosures Press Release PDF
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28/10/2009 09-1010 Press release- CESR proposes requirements for management company passport and improved investor disclosures for UCITS Press Release PDF
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04/02/2009 09-089 Public statement- CESR provides information for investors affected by the Madoff collapse: CESR urges regulated firms to communicate with their clients Press Release PDF
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20/01/2009 09-069 Public statement- CESR’s activities in relation to short-selling Press Release PDF
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EU securities regulators are closely monitoring the functioning of the markets under the current circumstances and are considering together possible actions which might be taken to contribute to orderly functioning of the markets from the angle of short-selling.
17/12/2008 08-972 Public statement- Assessment on the Equivalence of Prospectuses from non-EEA Jurisdictions (Article 20.1 Prospectus Directive) Press Release PDF
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14/11/2008 08-912 Press release- CESR proposes that Indian GAAP be accepted in the EU until the end of 2011 Press Release PDF
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05/11/2008 08-888 Press Statement- CESR welcomes IASB’s guidance on measuring and disclosing the fair value of financial instruments in non-active markets Press Release PDF
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31/10/2008 08-880 Press release- CESR delivers its response to the European Commission’s request for assistance on the UCITS management company passport Press Release PDF
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03/11/2008 08-878 Press release- CESR restates its resolve to ensure the protections of MiFID are applied convergently across Europe and announces new efforts to assess the impact and functioning of MiFID Press Release PDF
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03/10/2008 08-798 Press release- CESR publishes a Statement on fair value measurement and related disclosures of financial instruments in illiquid markets Press Release
01/10/2008 08-791 Press Release- New steps by CESR to address the recent market crisis Press Release PDF
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Following close and continuous monitoring of developments in financial markets, CESR members decided, at the meeting held in Paris on September 30th, to take the following actions to address key aspects of the financial crisis that fall under the competence of EU securities regulators. This work will be undertaken, where appropriate, in close co-ordination with our fellow Level 3 Committees covering banking, insurance and pensions (namely, CEBS and CEIOPS) including in liaison with IOSCO.
23/10/2008 08-776 Press release- CESR and ESCB consult on recommendations for securities clearing and settlement systems and central counterparties in the European Union Press Release PDF
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